Longer Fan Time?

Has anyone else noticed that the fans are running longer after their print finishes? I think this is great and had been a hopper item awhile back, but I didn’t find any announcement of it anywhere on the site. I finally caught up on the topics that I had missed and it doesn’t seem like anyone else has noticed anything.

My fan used to stop within 2-3 seconds after the head returned to it’s “home” location in the upper left corner. Now it seems that the fan will continue on for another 10-15 seconds.

To be clear, I don’t think this is a problem or an issue, but more of a new benefit that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere.


There have been several comments scattered among threads that others have noticed this. I have no direct experience since mine hasn’t arrived yet.

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Yes, indeed I have…and it seems to be different lengths of time based on how long the job has been running. Heavy duty jobs run the fan longer afterwards, and quick little cuts just blip it off in a shorter period of time so it’s efficient instead of just running forever.

Very nice job on it! (You could probably move this one to Problems and Support so they can see it…might be a nice change of pace for the team.) :grinning:


I thought about it, but it’s neither a problem, nor does it need support, but it IS a kudos for them.

*NOTE: Moved from Everything Else category to Problems and Support to give the GF team the kudos


They’ll probably just move it back, but at least they’ll see that we like it first. :smile:




I’m not sure why they don’t have a way to manually run the fan for an arbitrary time, but I figure I’ll keep my feedback (mostly) to myself until I get my own unit.

Long time fan…


They’ve discussed many options re the fan. One of which is to allow the user to have some control. It’s certainly something they might do. They have to determine what’s safe. For example, they probably can’t allow us to set the post-job fan time to 0 since that could allow too much smoke/particles/whatever into the environment. Personally, I’d sooner see them just set the time to something that should cover all of the bases for now and tweak things like that later.

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Yeah that’s sensible. Personally, I think I’d run the fan for quite a while before opening the thing up, I’d much rather wait 2 minutes than have a smelly/smoky room.

Again, though, so much of this is context that I don’t really have yet, so what do I know? :slight_smile:

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I noticed it also and it reduces the smell immediately after opening the 'Forge to remove the project. I approve!


I would love a setting that has the fan on for a few seconds right after the lid is opened. Some cutting operations trap a bunch of smoke inside the crumb tray, and it only puffs out when you lift the piece.


I’m happy that it stays on longer. At the risk of looking a gift fan in the mouth… release notes would be lovely.


I noticed it last night. I’m very happy about it. One thing I wish they would add is the ability to adjust fan time for non-proofgrade material, maybe in the manual settings somewhere.

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You have so much more patience than I do. I usually don’t wait until the fan stops before I pop it open to pull my project out :blush: I don’t mind a bit of smoke.


It’s not the smoke. Man, I cut a Plexiglas® window for a friend the other day. That smell filled the entire floor of the house for hours. Smelled way worse than :proofgrade: acrylic. :slight_smile:

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