Looking for a Baltic Birch

Woodworkerssource.com or woodcraft.com

I didn’t see it linked so I’ll also point another Glowforge user is just starting a supply business

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For whomever is interested, here is some interesting info about the standards for Russian plywood including Baltic birch.

In a nutshell, not every supplier is equal. For example,

4.1.1. The following species can be used for the face veneer: birch, alder, maple, elm, beech, aspen, poplar, lime. For core veneers, in addition to the ones just mentioned, the following can be used: pine, spruce, fir, larch and cedar.
The timber used for face veneers of plywood determines the species of the plywood.
The plywood can be made of one or more than one species of wood, therefore it is either “homogeneous” or "combined"

And, 4.1.3. Wood and manufacturing defects, exceeding the limits stated in Table3, are allowed in core veneers, as long as they do not influence its integrity and dimensions. The requirements for quality and dimensions are specified in this standard.


Could you share a link to that source?

Oops! Totally meant to do so.


Bought this many times on Amazon. It’s a little pricey, but you get sheets that are perfect for the laser.

I’ve avoided Russian sourced BB (although to be fair they do make larger sheets that are handy for cabinet makers). European spec BB cares about internal core composition.

Seconding Gabahl lumber for best priced true BB in SoCal. Rockler has great BB at slightly higher prices per sq ft. I’ve been intending to check out Cherokee Woods in Upland - they have a larger variety of “laser ready” thin woods including BB.

I don’t really understand your comment equating your dollars to your suppliets in this case as BB isn’t manufactured specifically for laser cutting like GF Proofgrade or other laser specific materials.

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