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I’ve got Glowforge Premium and I’m looking for a font that when scored would just be a single line rather than an outline of the text. I’m trying to do some very small text, so this seems like it would be the cleanest. Anyone already found one like this in the fonts present in Premium?

generally they are called single stroke fonts:


I don’t have a direct answer for your question, I don’t use the built in design features much. Maybe there is some info in the linked search that can help you out until someone else comes along?


I don’t believe there are any single line fonts in the Premium text library.


To my knowledge the pro GFUI does not have any Hershey fonts but I wish it did.
Until then the sight @eflyguy suggests works great.


I have been using that a lot lately (working on a topographic map for Christmas).

I have also been considering adding another font, if I can find the time.

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ThirdingText2Vector; quick, easy and the results always work great.


Thanks all, text2vector will do the trick. Glowforge should definitely add a font like this to the interface.

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