Looking for advice on selling my Glowforge Pro

Hi, I’m hoping you guys can help. I have a Pro model that I’m looking to sell. I got it maybe a year and a half ago, can’t really remember, and put 20 or less hours on it. I’ve just lost inspiration for it and I don’t like to see it sitting there.

So my questions are:

Is there a way I can find the exact hours it has on it?
Where do you think it’s best to list it?
What is a fair price? It’s $6,000 new, is $5,000 fair, $4,800?
Do I have to contact support and have it de-registered from my account?

I still have the packaging, a bunch of materials, and Glowforge brand laser safety goggles.


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If you look at some of the past posts about selling your machine, they mention that when the new owner buys it, you have to contact glowforge and have the machine transferred to them. I’ve never done it, but from reading, the process seems fairly straight foreward.

Also, the machine is not under warranty anymore and is almost 2 years old. As a buyer, I look at that. And also where it’s located and if it will be shipped or pick up only.

Might not be what you want to hear, and I’m sure someone would be willing to buy it, but my line of thinking is that 5k is too much for a two year old machine out of warranty.

I’d bite if it was more enticing to buy that over a new model for just 1k more. It sucks to lose money, but at the same time, it’s a piece of equipment that depreciates quickly.

To get an idea of what I expect when looking at a used machine…it looks something like this with a little extra added just to come out ahead.


Thanks for the reply.

It’s in Rockland County NY 10970, if anyone is interested.

That seems like a lot of depreciation. Surely the low hours on it would give it a bit more value. Also, it’s not two years, it’s one and a half, so that chart does put me around the $4500-4800 area, which isn’t bad. Plus I’ll be giving the buyer a box of materials and the laser goggles.


I also just realized that there’s over $400 in taxes to be paid on a brand new $6000 machine, so that should be considered too.


Finding someone local to you is a big help too - no shipping, and they can see it working at your place before they pack it off to their place.

When you do sell, add the person as a user on your account and then contact support - they will be able to upgrade the user to the main account and then they delete you.


Thanks for the reply!

I’m not sure I could make the first thing work, with two very big dogs in the house. The second thing sounds good. :+1:

That was just an example. Taxes aren’t usually included in the value of the machine, but not having to pay them in a used sale is a plus, but without a warranty it’s a really big investment. I think 4500-4800 is reasonable. 4800 with negotiation room. But whether you used it for 20 hours or not, the tube is still the same age. I just wanted you to know what I was thinking as a buyer. Good luck with your sale!


Thanks :+1:

Have you bought many of these used before? Where do you usually find them listed? Craigslist?

The tube has a shelf life whether it was used or not.

Buying an out-of-warranty laser is a huge gamble.

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A lot are listed right here, but yes Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace too.
I haven’t bought a used one, but I’ve seen the posts here where folks talk about what works for them (do a search for “for sale”)

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I don’t buy things from Craigslist. I never know if it’s a scam or stolen goods. I see most of the “for sale” posts here in the forum. You might have luck in the Facebook groups. I haven’t bought any used machines before, just been looking.

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Why are you selling?

I just don’t use it. It’s sitting there doing nothing.

Did you ever sell yours and for how much?

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I have it listed here, as well as a few other sites. This is the link for the listing on this forum. Glowforge Pro for sale NY/NJ border

How about donating it to a school system or trade school?

I’m looking to sell it.

Thank you for your response!

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Just found this, if anyone is interested. Complete replacement plus shipping for $499. Doesn’t seem to be such a huge gamble buying used as I was starting to believe, and so it shouldn’t be too hard to sell. I was starting to get scared that no one would be seriously interested.


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