Looking for advice/recommendations/help

I have been a Glowforge owner since Feb 2020.

After losing my son 9/13/20, I made the decision to quit my “day job” and pursue my Etsy small business full time.

My sales had been better than ever, after making the decision to pursue things full time, but as luck would have it, my glow forge pro decided to break right after I decided to quit my job.

I wasn’t too concerned being that I knew I was still within warranty, and up until that point my experiences with Glowforge and their support had been great.

Fast forward almost THREE WEEKS since my glowforge stopped working and support was made aware. And here I sit with not even a shipping notification in site.

I was initially told I would being getting a refurbished unit within “10 days but usually a lot quicker”. after practically harassing with emails because their responses were so far and few in between, last week they flipped 180 and told me they would be sending me a brand new pro so it could ship out Monday (today).

Here we are Monday with the day almost over, and still no response, or communication on where things stand.

I have been providing my 180+ pending orders with updates each time the company would give me an update, and now I’ve been made to look like a liar to my loyal customers.

I am at the point now where I do know what to do. I feel so cheated by this company by how little help they’ve truly given.

Am I better off just cancelling all my pending orders and making them aware that there is no indication of a replacement coming any time soon? I take pride in being upfront and honest with my customers, but it is very very hard to do so when support has been stringing me along left and right, beating around the bush, waiting days in between responses, and just continually pushing back when my replacement will be shipped.

My husband even went and order a brand new plus machine to surprise me with when my pro broke down, so we could keep up with all the orders we were getting in. But quite frankly at this point I don’t see it worth the investment financially with how poorly things have been handled.

I know this will open a new ticket, in doing so, I hope it will get me a response instead of being left hanging yet another day. I also know they apparently make the printers to order and don’t just have them sitting in warehouse. But quite frankly that is not my problem, and definitely not an excuse for the type of financial investment that’s made in deciding to own a Glowforge.

Any advice or similar experiences shared would be greatly appreciated. I’m just truly at a loss as to where to go from here. The more time that passes, the more income and valued customers I lose.


Where are you located? Maybe some of us near you could help with some cutting until you get your replacement?

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@geek2nurse I’m in eastern PA. That is so sweet of you to offer, but I would feel too guilty. I know how precious and valuable laser time is!

Shoot. I’m in Texas. If you get in a bind, though, I’d be happy to help.


Hi kns70702. I’m truly sorry it’s taken so long to get your Glowforge to you. I sent you an email last night, but I wanted to follow up here as well to let you know that your Glowforge shipped yesterday, so we’ll have you up and printing again soon.

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