Looking for an alphabet generator for children’s blocks

A year or so ago I found a link on this site for a web page to help generate the alphabet in various fonts for children’s blocks. The page even provided the layout to optimize the various sides to give one the “best” set of letters. I’ve since lost that link.

Does anyone remember the site or know how to do this kind of thing?
Thanks in advance.

I searched for “block generator” and found what I think you’re looking for in the third result.


Is this the one?



Thank you! The second link led me to the off-site “block generator” I had been looking for. I’m saving that link for use.

I usually find things quickly on the forum, so I haven’t learned to be creative in my search terms.

I’ll get to work on these and post when I’m done.


Yeah search here stinks. I wrote up a couple of ideas about how to get better results, check #12 out:

The google trick in particular might have helped you out here.


Wow (trying to keep it clean here), that list is practically encyclopedic! You could write a book or an e-book and sell it here. That is immensely helpful to me.


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