Looking for box generator with option to change front to back angle

I have an old mail box structure (6 ft by 4 ft) I’m looking to make boxes for. Ultimate garage storage. It looks like each individual section is angled downward about 10-15 degrees.

Has anyone seen a box generator with this non-90 degree angle option?



Yep! Here:


thanks. That might work but I was looking for something like the 2nd image below (parallelagram).
I do see where your suggestion could get me to the first image below.



Could you just mirror and/or rotate a second copy to get what you want?

I’m thinking you will have trouble getting good finger joints with that much angle. But maybe you didn’t want finger joints.

You can get good finger joints at almost any angle - you just have to make them longer than the material thickness. The more acute the angle, the longer… I’m sure that could be calculated with a liberal application of trigonometry.


Previously re: the law of sines

However, if you aren’t changing the angle of two adjacent sides, it’s much simpler. You can just alter opposite sides of your box to be non-rectangular, and angle the fingers with it.

Something like this:

I rushed it a bit (accidentally scaled the entire canted side in both x and y, so the finger slots are too deep) but the concept is sound.