Looking for Cleaning/Maintenance Support in Denver Area

We have a Glowforge here at our in-house design team in the Denver area. Looking for references for some sort of cleaning/maintenance (if needed) in the area…from which we could get a quote to come in and service/clean our machine.


You’ll spend more time on the search and paperwork than just cleaning it yourself. It’s not too hard.


Hi! Welcome to the community!
Besides the optics in the beam path which are paramount, there are only a few items that may need attention, depending mostly on what materials have been used in the machine. Some are dirtier than others.
The exhaust fan and its grill, and the air assist fan, the lens bore fan (on the bottom of the head) need only periodic attention.
Beyond that, personal preference is a factor. Personally I like to keep the glass of the lid and tube clean.

You can click the ‘support’ option at the top of the page to see the cleaning procedures recommended. None of it is that difficult. It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the guidelines, and not be dependent on someone else to do it.
One good idea is to never spray any cleaning solution in the machine. Spray a paper towel to clean with instead.

There are a lot of helpful people here with a lot of experience on these machines, and the knowledge base here is yours for the taking. This place is the best accessory for your laser.


As far as any of us know, there are no cleaning/maintenance services for Glowforge in the wild. There may be some random people out there who offer help with that, but certainly nothing official or endorsed by Glowforge. I’m in total agreement with @GrooveStranger …it’s not hard to do yourself.


Thanks for the responses so far…but honestly I’ve determined that we’re not going to clean it ourselves at this point.
So to clarify what I’m asking is if there are any people in the Denver area who hire out their services on a freelance basis to come in and look everything over and clean/service as necessary. Thanks!


I’m in the Denver area and clean my own. Never thought to see if there was a service in this area to do that.

I’m curious to know what you wouldn’t clean / service on it? At the very least you’d have to clean the optics very frequently depending on use / type of material and that takes less than 5 minutes with common optic wipes. The fan cleaning and maintenance takes way more effort and I can understand wanting to service that out, but if it’s going to be used a lot, someone on your team could learn / specialize in doing that?

I worked for an architecture firm that had a dedicated model shop with a laser cutter and there was an assigned person who was trained and understood how to maintain the machine. When we added 3d printing in 2005-2006, they also got schooled on how to maintain those printers as well as most things could be solved and / or cleaned rather quickly.

Interested if you find anyone local.


I’m in the south metro area, what part are you in? I may be able to help.


We’re in the Inverness office park area…not too far from County Line and 25. What’s the best way to get in touch with you to discuss further?

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If you click my avatar there on the left, you will see a blue label with the word ‘Message’. That is a way to privately message me here.
I’m on the same end of town as you in Lone Tree, so that’s in our favor.
Which machine do you have?


Just saying hello from up the road :slight_smile:

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