Looking For GlowForge Owner in Minneapolis - Hello Steve Maddie StPaul area

I’m in a bit of a panic because I’ve got a project coming up and I need help understanding setting up a Jig.

It seems pretty straightforward, I copied the shape of the acrylic material and made a Jig in Inkscape with four targets to center the artwork

I cut the jig, using cardboard.

I go back to the Inkscape file of the jig, and center the artwork on each of the four shapes that I used for targets , I delete the original 4 shapes because I don’t need to cut a jig again but now the artwork is centered on each of the targets.

Since I made the Artwork from the four up jig, I would think it would line up with the jig perfectly, but when I upload it into the Glowforge but it does not.

If there is a Glowforge Owner in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area I would pay to help set up this project with me.

I would also like to know how to add attachments to the forum conversations?

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The key to happily using jigs in the Glowforge is making sure that the artwork and the shape are in the same file, and that the artwork aligns with the shape in that file. You open the file in Glowforge and cut out the shape while ignoring the artwork. Remove the cutouts without moving anything and put in your items. You ignore the cut shape, enable the engrave, click set focus and make sure the beam lands on your material but ignore the camera view. Click print.

Is this different than what you are doing?

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Thank you, it’s the camera view that trips me up.
I look at the artwork, not centered and think WTF, it’s not centered.

I’m going to try it again, and when I see that horrible camera view, I’m just gonna grit my teeth, cross my fingers and push the blue button.

And again, thank you for being generous with your wisdom


You can make the jig out of most anything - typing paper, cardboard, whatever. While you want to ignore the camera view before enabling the engrave operation, you do want to set focus on your item making sure that the red beam lands squarely on the item. Then you set your engrave settings for the proper material - which might be different than the jig material. Don’t move anything. Don’t let the camera throw you off. Trust the jig as long as the jig file contains both the outline of your item and the artwork centered as you wish on that item.

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You saved the day. The jig works perfectly.