Looking for Reindeer pattern

Wife saw these at a craft fair today, and while too big, she would like them small scale to put out as a decoration. Wondering if anyone has made these yet, or maybe found an online site where I can buy the plans digitally, so I don’t have to wait for the mail?

What about this one:


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I don’t have these specifically, but I do have a bunch of different ones I’m doing.

They’re set for different materials though - the slots aren’t parametric so they’re tight for some but loose for others. The PG ply is different in thickness between recent orders and earlier ones and not the same as the same “medium” Draftboard. I was setting them up as individual material-specific versions but haven’t finished that - got distracted by foxes & trees (requests from my wife).


What a great variety! :grinning:

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There are more but the wife took them to work to show some folks there. It’s always this way - instead of just one of a thing I want to see how others will look and then there’s a herd :grinning:

I do wish that the PG gets more consistent - the Maple, Cherry & Walnut are all slightly different in thickness and they’re all different from Draftboard. So I can use Draftboard for gross level design testing but then have to tweak for whichever ply I’m going to use for the final. Corel doesn’t do parametric but I think I can use the clone function as a surrogate. Just got to have some play time :slightly_smiling_face:


I hear ya…I’ve actually got a couple of designs set for the specific type of PG. :smile:

I’m going to start playing a little more with F360 here soon for that reason…the parametric abilities on that are fantastic, and the one or two files I created parametrically are such a quick fix it deserves a closer look.


Take look at the Inventables project section, here is the exact link.

Click on “digital files” at the top and it takes you down the page to the file. I had to do a bit of clean up but I got it scaled to 6mm (1/4"?) plywood and painted it white to put outside. Might do another one so I have a pair for a sort of scene.


Those are awesome!

Thanks for that link! The file turned out to be a rather convenient source of drawing glitches that I could use to illustrate how to fix them in yet another video tutorial: https://youtu.be/qsVgZ_2EADQ