Video Tutorial - Fixing Artwork Glitches in Illustrator

Frequently, files found online have design glitches: unclosed paths, overlaps, fill and stroke color issues, etc. In this video, I go through a live example of cleaning up the reindeer decoration linked from this post and demonstrate several common issues and a few different ways to fix them.


Nice job on the videos! I prefer screen recordings to written tutorials.

So… we’ve been hearing about the 20 x 12 artboard workaround for 8 months (or whatever) and it doesn’t actually even need to be 20 x 12"? How is that possible?

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It is kind of funny. Maybe something changed since Dan’s original post introducing the temporary workaround. Or maybe it always worked this way and it just took a while for someone to
black box probe it because we aren’t given comprehensive reference documentation.

Either way, there is a 20 x 12 workaround, but it’s actually a 5:3 workaround and is only necessary in limited scenarios and will be overridden by a properly specified viewport.


subscribed. AWESOME content. Please keep it up!


Thanks Chris!
How long did it take you to become this proficient with AI?

I’ve spent a couple of weekends fighting it over the past few months. I’m only showing you the parts I understand.


Well you’re a great teacher as well, can’t wait for your next video!

Thank you so much for your tutorials. They are very appreciated : )

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