Looking for stores in Oklahoma City

I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any stores in Oklahoma City that I can visit that sells acrylics?

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Hey @Tryholley, nice to see a new face here.

Chances are there are several stores that sell acrylic in Oklahoma City, I tend to use google maps for that. Let’s see what we can find.

Wow, I got a lot of results.

Acrylics plus is a trophy shop, but it does have in-store shopping.

Regal plastic seems like they offer a lot of options, they carry both extruded and cast acrylics, which may matter to you if you’re doing much engraving.

Most of these places are going to be suppliers that sell acrylic by the full sheet (4’x8’), but they will usually cut to size. I’d just do that search for “acrylic Oklahoma City, OK” on google maps and see who is close by and give them a call if you have any questions. (You can also try searching for plastics, plexiglass, etc. Might get different results.)

Now, if I were to recommend a source I’d probably shop online at estreetplastics.com , they have by far the best pricing that I’ve found. That said, if you want to explore other online options, check out #1a here:

It contains a lot of links to online suppliers.


Regal Plastic, we have one here in Joplin just up the road from you and I buy all of my plastics from them.


We have may options here in ATL, but I buy almost everything online. Wood and acrylic.


Any place that cuts full sheets will have scraps, and many will sell them. Call around and you may find a treasure trove at discounted prices.


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