Looking for troubleshooting ideas before sending the machine in

I am looking for community input on things that I can check before resorting to sending my machine in. If anyone can tell me some things that I can check, I would greatly appreciate the help.
Everything is Working but the laser light. I have checked the mirror and the power settings. I have talked to support but I’m wanting to try some things before paying to send it off. Anyone?

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If it was support’s idea to send it in, I’d guess that advice was prompted by what the machine’s logs revealed.
Good Luck!


Sadly lack of laser is generally a failure of power supply or tube - neither are things you can repair at home. I mean. I’d check for loose/broken cables, but to echo what @PrintToLaser said…the have access to detailed diagnostics and they don’t jump to return and replace lightly :frowning:


Sounds like very sound advice actually. Thank you for responding.


Yes, I guess I have exhausted all effort to resolve here so that is probably the best move. Thank you.


It’s hard to say for sure, but I’d assume all of the basics have been covered.

You’ve ran a Gift of Good Measure on draftboard with the default draftboard settings.

You’ve checked all of the optics, including the lens, the mirror under the removable head, the window on the left side of the head, and the “hidden” window under the left side of the machine (on the gantry).


That’s aggravating. Hopefully you’ll be up and going again soon!!

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Hi @thesavvysanctuary. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into a point of needing to get your Glowforge replaced due to laser issues. I appreciate your persistence trying to get this figured out before have to completely go with the replacement route. As a fellow Glowforge owner and constant printer, I know how hard it can it be when you’re unable to print due to any technical issues. I saw that we were discussing the next steps through a recent email. To avoid any miscommunication, I will go ahead and close this thread so we can continue the rest of the process through there. Thank you.

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