Looking for wood suggestions

I am wanting to make something similar to this and have the words engraved on the background piece of wood. What type of wood would you suggest I use for the cross and the background?

The back layer looks like stained pine.

The front painted/stained wood of any type.

The lettering appears to be vinyl or similar. Certainly not engraved into the wood.


Definitely do NOT try cutting any vinyl in your GF, it causes irreparable damage. If you put down masking on the background piece, SCORE (not engrave) the lettering and then peel away just the letter portions of the masking you can then spray white paint and can get a similar look. For that purpose - use any wood you like the look of.


If you really want to just engrave the words then you will need to use a light wood like birch, maple. Then the cross could be dark. The rope would show up nicely on that.


For ease of making something like this you might check your local big-box hobby stores for premade elements you can put together, and as long as they’re real wood, you can engrave and paint them without issue. I think the words in your example are vinyl too, but if you want white letters you can just engrave and paint it. (You’d have to seal the engraving beforehand so the paint doesn’t bleed, but there’s a bunch of info about it here in the forum.)

Here’s a few I’ve made from premade signs/frames to give you an idea of how they can look. (All the other elements were made by me.)

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Sure cut vinyl IF YOU WANT THIS .

I would rather do engraving rather than the vinyl so trying to figure out what wood I should use. I can’t say I’m a newbie, but I do not have much experience creating on the glowforge.

Great idea! thanks

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Thank you. This is just what I needed.

You could try masking the wood, engraving away the masking, painting over, then removing the masking. It wouldn’t be as clean as the original but might be acceptable.

If I wanted to recreate that product without vinyl, I would probably start with a store-bought “shadow box” style frame, and replace the glass with a piece of clear acrylic with the monogram and text engraved on it. Engraved PG clear acrylic or other cast acrylic gets pretty close to white, without the labor and learning curve that comes with successfully paint filling on wood. For true white, paint filling on acrylic is easier – you don’t need to seal anything to avoid the paint wicking into the wood grain, nor will the paint bleed under the masking on acrylic.

Great idea! Thanks

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