Looking forward

Soooo… A Harbor Freight just opened this week in the next town over. Their name has come up more than once around here, so will be looking forward to next weekend when I can get out there for that.


Have fun browsing! Always check their coupons and my rule of thumb is the item must be rated 3.5 stars or higher before I’ll look at buying it there. Great deals to be had there for sure.


Watch out, they can be addictive. :slight_smile:


I am fortunate, I live in a town that not only has a Harbor Freight, but is the home town of Grizzly Tools, toy stores everywhere.
As for harbor freight there are some things that are worth having and some you have to watch out and not worth having.
I have one of the big dust collectors and it works great, the consumables are worth the price, sandpaper and heat shrink tubing, not to mention all the free stuff you get with coupons, magnetic trays, batteries and well just keep your eyes open for the flyers. Have fun.


I’ve got one near my office. Fun place to shop at. I will say this though… You can absolutely get some great deals on great tools there… and you can also find some stinkers. So do your homework. (That is to say, read reviews and check prices on your phone before you buy.)


Oh, you are in for a treat!

I found that Harbor Freight was a great place to expand my wood clamp collection when I was working on a large project. I am a believer that you can never have too many clamps, and you can get 10 for the price of 3 at other hardware stores with not a huge drop in quality.

It’s also great for the little things: zip ties, disposable brushes, latex gloves, etc.

Also, don’t forget to pick up some EPA foam mats. Combined with a laser, a heat gun (mine I also got at HF) and dremel, you can do some amazing things. Halloween will never be the same!


We have one and I’ve developed this policy. If it has a motor it stays in the store. If it does not I evaluate what I want it for. Sometimes the cheapest tool is the best, other times it pays to buy the best. And yes, as @mheiselt said you can not have too many clamps.


always remember the stuff from there is a one job tool anything more then that is a pleasant surprise


Happy Cakeday @Clone!

I went to Harbor Freight last week to eyeball a cheap sand blaster. Not sure what I’ll do there. I got some large and small box cutters so I have them at each station, with materials, at the desk, next to the laser and on the display, light box table. I got some two inch plastic clamps that will be perfect. I got the Gorilla tape there. Not real deals at the moment. I was trying to find something I could use for mass in the fidget spinners, but nothing looked right. Might have to settle for nuts. Nothing materials wise caught my eye. DIdn’t think to look for foam mats. I looked for some type of saw blade for my grinder, but nothing would have worked. I’d really like a mini tablesaw so I can dimension sheet goods more effficiently for the Glowforge bed. Might have to make one. There are some great YouTube vids of mini table saws.


Happy cake day!!


We have 3 Harbor Freights within a 30 mi radius…on a good deal, I can triple my haul…lol
Its fun to browse aisle by aisle… Even my youngest son enjoys shopping there…lol
We always finds stuff we never knew we needed…lol
I get air tool couplers that I use for airbrushing much cheaper than the big box stores…
And yes…you can NEVER have enough clamps…they even have mini ones great for closing chip bags…lo


I’ve been pondering exactly this since receiving my PRU – thanks!


I’ve been known to drop the front and cut sheets of Baltic Birch into sections with the big laser. :slight_smile:

It’s way faster on the table saw but really, I have a laser :smile:


Don’t go for a Chinese mini table saw. Spend a little more and get a Proxxon or one of the custom US ones. My Proxxon will do things you will not believe looking at it. I have used it to rip 1/4" aluminum sheet, 3/4 inch hardwood, and acrylic all with the same blade and it still cuts just fine. As long as you work within the limits of the tool, it will do anything you ask. The only beef I have is that the fence is horrible, but I built my own.

My experience with Harbor Freight clamps is that they break. I have broken almost every one I own and they have replaced them, but the new models break faster.


I have been surprised at how pleased I’ve been with shopping there. I got a very affordable compound cross cut miter saw which was perfect for my skill level (low but improving) and needs (building raised gardens and, next, building a cart for my GlowForge!). Many saws of this kind come with a blade and I really liked that they didn’t even bother, as any blade at this price point would be not worth using. I got a nice Diablo blade, which is where you want to spend your money. Anyway, it’s been a great tool to learn on. I wouldn’t build a carpentry business around it, but that not why I got it.
So, thumbs up for Harbor Freight. Know what you need and understand limitations and you’ll do very well with them. And get the mailer, they have different deals and coupons all the time.
Good luck!


I have one 10 minutes away from my house! My shop at home is equiped with mostly harbor frieght stuff, mostly impressed it all still works (currently). I wouldn’t be able to have all the range of stuff I do without them, neccessary evil I guess. As I invest more into my side business, I will invest in better tooling.
Now the real problem is, a new craft store opened about 15 minutes away and it has EVERYTHING! I went in the other day to check it out…I could feel the money being sucked out of my pocket as I went down every aisle and seeing all the things I could do with the 'forge and those supplies.


Never go to HF without a coupon. I must have a half dozen valid 20% off coupons in the car. Just now reading the local newspaper with a 25% coupon for Easter Sunday, 20% coupon good until June, a free portable LED light, free multimeter, free reach tool. I must have a dozen unopened measuring tapes, multimeters and screwdriver sets off of the free coupons. Can’t stay out of HF and it’s a hour away.


With this store just opening, there hasn’t been any mailers yet that I’ve seen. If you have a surplus of coupons, would anyone mind mailing one or two my way?

These are valid until April 30th.


Coupon valid for one purchase only so make sure you buy one expensive item.

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Hmm… 20% off $36.99…

If all I’m using it for is dimensioning materials <= 1/4" to place in my GF, might do the trick… It’s not like I’m trying to cut a tree into lumber. :innocent: