Loose Belts on One Side


I’ve just got my replacement GF after the non cutting through issue. While unpacking it I noticed that the belt on the left side is nice and tight, but the one on the right is not. It’s still on the wheels front and back, but it’s loose enough that it’s not looking straight.

Is this something I can tighten or is it normal?


This isn’t normal from my experience. How is it around the sprocket on the stepper and how is it connected to the gantry?

It’s runs around the wheels at each end look okay and the fixings to the gantry look tight. It’s almost as if the belt is too long, but surely it wouldn’t have passed QC like this? but there was nothing that would have stretched it in transit…

I’m not near my GF to look closely, so this is only a guess. Typically, with systems like this there is a way to tension the belt. Oft, one (or both) of the pulleys and/or drive motors can be slid a bit to tighten up the belt. Maybe there is something along those lines that is loose at one end or the other?

(This is one of the most common sources of bad quality prints on belt driven 3D printers. Whenever my circles become ovals, it is a loose belt. Slipping causes offset prints. On the GF, slipping causes a misaligned gantry as both sides are driven.

Didn’t go into the Glowforge room last night so I didn’t check the hardware on mine for this. Sorry. I will tonight. It’s been too long for you having to mess with this.

Wow, a GF room. Sounds like your own Bat Cave or something :slightly_smiling_face: Mine lives in the basement with lots of other stuff. (Before my wife civilized me I would have called it my “cellar”.)

It share’s a basement office with my 3D printer. I lived in the house for three years and maybe went into it three or four times. Was thinking of making it into my music room. Then Glowforge entered my life and I put the clarinet away. The week before I got the pre-release contact, I just happened to begin converting it into a space for the Glowforge. I spent a lot of time in there last year. Not as much since I got my forever forge.

That’s like me & the second floor. That’s where the kids’ rooms are and I don’t think I’ve been up there more than once or twice since they went off to college. My wife goes up there when the kids come home so she can change the bedding and dust.

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Oh no! I’m so sorry your new replacement Glowforge arrived that way. I see you already emailed us about this and I’ll work on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.