Lost artwork and design

I created a design by using the clip artwork on glowforge. Now I can’t find the image again. I can’t even find where I printed it. Is there anyway to recover something you printed? Anyone know where I can find this image again or recover my design. Thanks for your time

As long as you didn’t delete everything before you last closed it out it should be in your dashboard. (The screen with all the thumbnails when you first open app.glowforge.com)


No it is not in the dashboard. I must have accidentally deleted it or copied over it with another image and deleted the one I wanted. Anyways I cannot find it.

When you are searching Glowforge clip art, click the star button for all of those that you think you may want to use. This makes them your favorite and you can find them again quickly

It will also be deleted automatically after 30 days unless you’ve got a premium subscription.

That’s the problem is I must have accidentally deleted it. But why can’t I find the clip art again? Was available in October but now in November I can’t find it again. I am new so I did not know to link it as a favorite or how I deleted it in the first place. Just trying to recover it.

Since OP mentioned the included clip art I took that to mean they have Premium, no?

@cindykroth do you know if you still have the Premium subscription? If you are brand new you would have started with a trial. As @jamesdhatch says, without Premium your custom dashboard designs do self delete after 30 days and the clipart is also part of Premium. To get to the clip art, open a a new blank or existing design and then hit then if plus button - all the clip art options will pop up and you’ll be able to search them.

I was trial. I upgraded before trial ended last week. I had the clip art last Thursday 10-28. I upgraded on the 30th and now everything is kinda messed up. I have tried to search for the same clip art. I have literally spend hours and hours going throuh thousands of images on glowforge. But no luck.
So I am wondering if they ever remove images. Like at months end or if the trial has a different set of images and when I upgraded I lost those. Anyways since I am new I must have deleted designs or worked/printed something new over them somehow. Anyways the image is just missing. I know how to save favorite now in premium but can’t find the old image

Premium subscribers have something called Past Prints. You can roll back a design to a previous version of a print. If you printed this design, then deleted the image, added something different and printed that, the wine glass print could be in a past print file. Go to your dashboard and open a file. Click the three dots at the top of the interface and select past prints. You may find your glasses there. You may have to open all of your files, but if you printed this it should be somewhere in your past prints.

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You can also search by typing in what you’re looking for…like wine glasses, champagne glasses…that might make your search faster.

They’re providing commercial license access to files on the Noun Project by and large so it’s possible that Noun drops files that then aren’t available through the GF app. Shouldn’t happen often though. It’s worth searching the Noun Project’s website to see if they’re still there. If they are, a note to Support that they’re missing in the GF app would alert them to the issue and maybe get them back.

We’re not entirely privvy to the deal GF made so don’t know if there are update cycles or deletion requirements they have with the clip art source(s).

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Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

I see you emailed us as well. I’m going to close that request so our conversation can continue here.

Based on your description, your Glowforge may have Autosaved a newer version of the file.

When you edit a design on your Workspace, the changes are automatically saved as you make them. That means that if you close your browser, navigate to another page, or just hit refresh, your work will pick up right where you left off.

As @dklgood mentioned, you might be able to access past prints and locate the design. To do this, open the design in question, select the three vertical dots and choose “Past prints”.

Let us know what you find!

You could try to recreate it from your photo…


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You are amazing!!! I am not that talented. So thank you. I am going to try it

Since I am brand new to this I clearly need a little bit more learning…. Lol
But I deleted all the blank files…. And I am guessing that one of those blank files was actually the file I wanted but for whatever reason it looked blanket. My question is why would a clip art be removed from the glowforge list you offer. It was here in October- one week ago. I upgraded and now it is November and the clip art is just gone.

If the noun project removed it, it would also disappear from the GFUI - or you did some minor manipulation so now it doesn’t look quite the same?

What @deirdrebeth mentioned regarding the Noun Project is correct. If the specific graphic you were using was removed from the Noun Project it won’t be available in our app anymore.

I’d like to investigate a bit more to see if it’s at all possible retrieve the design. Do you happen to remember the date when you last printed it?

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Thank you! I have to say I am amazed at the customer service!
I printed them on Friday October 29th around 9:50 am
While in trial mode- before I upgraded this week. Thanks again!

Thank you for the detailed information about when you printed the design, it made it much easier to narrow things down. I have some good news! While I wasn’t able to locate the artwork within the options in our app, I did manage to find the graphic elsewhere via a bit of searching.

I’ve attached it to this post. Please let me know if this will work for you!



Omg! I am so so sorry! I thought I immediately posted thank you!
Honestly I could not be more grateful and appreciative of all your efforts finding this clip art for me.

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