Lost Glowforge

I have just been informed by UPS my Glowforge has been lost in transit, i have emailed support with this problem but would also like to put a post here as well. As i was told by UPS that i needed to get in touch with you for them to start an investigation. I have sent more details in the email i am just hoping this can be resolved as soon as possible.

That sucks! UPS do seem to be dropping the ball (and more than a few GF’s).

Mine arrived with internal damage and support where quick with getting a new one out.

Hopefully you will get it quickly!

I can see a letter or a magazine falling behind the machinery or getting kicked into a corner, but how does a 70 pound package just fade away !?
Judging from past experiences, they will get a shiny new one to you pronto.


Sucks that happened!

Pro tip: You never want to open a ticket both here and via e-mail. They’ve stated that the de-dup process generally puts both tickets at the bottom of the pile. Pick one or the other for the fastest possible service.

Bad news! Haven’t heard of that happening much but I guess odd are it will. Sorry for that misfortune. Hope they replace quickly.

Last time UPS lost something of mine, I ended up with two of them. The company sent me a replacement, and then a FULL YEAR later, with no warning or explanation, the original one showed up on the porch. So, you could end up ahead of the game in the end! :wink:


Oh no! We’ve followed up about this in your email and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.