Lost in the woods



I’m just throwing this out to you guys to document it. I know it’s been said but others, but I decided I probably needed to say it about my machine as well.

quite frequently when it is calibrating it will move up the left side (the home side) and then it’s like the head tried to move farther left and appears to get in a bit of a bind. You can see the head pop up from it’s base on the left side. Sometimes it corrects itself and moves on toward the center to find the camera. Other times you can hear the loud popping that I’m pretty sure is the head trying to move even farther left, but of course it can’t. At that point I will usually turn it off and move it to the center by hand. In fact, I tend to do that most times, and the majority of the times I do not It seems to have this problem.


On the rare occurrence that I get head banging, it seems that it will do the little quick series of knocks as it tries to move left, pause, and then move itself over to the center. I never move the head under the camera. Have you tried hanging for just a moment to see if it corrects itself?


most the time I do, and it does. There have been several times when it goes up in intensity and keep “banging.” At that point I tend to turn it off and move it by hand. Happened again to day is why I went ahead and reported it. If it just does it a little I just let it go, there are times it seems much more serious about it though.


This happened to me yesterday for the first time that I noticed. After seeing @scott.wiederhold’s post about potential damage to the cable, I am a bit paranoid now.


And this just happened to me again, but instead of one set of “banging”, it seemed to pause for a few seconds and then did it again. This pattern happened a few times before I shut the machine off and manually moved the head under the camera.


happened to me again today as well.


Thanks for letting us know about this. You’re doing the right thing by turning it off and gently moving the head under the camera.