Lots of failures in 'preparing' or sending

The last few days I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting jobs to process and having the GlowForge print. Occasionally it’s the generic error, but most of the time the UX simply returns from ‘preparing your design’ to the edit screen. I have also had several cases where the GFUI says that the job is processed and ready to start, but the button on the GlowForge never lights up.

Power cycling the printer didn’t help. Though I did notice that sometimes calibration took a very long time.

My internet connection is fast (1 gbps fiber). And the GlowForge has been working fine for weeks. I’m printing the same things (there are a lot of snowflakes to print, for my holiday art project/gifts). So I’m not sure why things are problematic now. Given that the GlowForge servers run on Google App Engine, which are a managed service, I wouldn’t expect it to be an operational issue on their end.

Any other ideas?


I would suggest both contacting support and making sure that the GF’s WiFi connection is rock solid.

Over the long weekend, I had a couple of jobs get hung up in Processing for a while - cancelling the print and just hitting the Print key again got them going without trouble, although yes, extremely long processing times. They might have been working on something behind the scenes.

(Not doing it any more.) :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s been my perception that some changes have been afoot based on a few similar examples.


I had these same problems last night. I know it wasn’t a bad file, because it eventually went through. I suspect it was some issue on the GF back-end service. Possibly a bug in an update that got rolled back. Just a guess.


Anything I tried tonight that was large or intricate fails after an apparent successful material scan on non-pg materials with the error “preparing your design”. Take about 5-10 minutes to pop-up the failure message. Opened a support ticket with my file. Fingers crossed they get it figured sooner rather than later.

Yes, everything I tried to print ended up printing, it just required retrying until it finally worked. I sure hope it’s better tomorrow.

Just so ya know, this is contacting Support. They’ve said it’s exactly the same as an e-mail.


I also emailed them to report the issues, to make sure that they knew about it rapidly, since it looked (to me) like a server-side issue that might be affecting lots of users. Posted here to see if others also had the same issues. And it looks like the answer was “yes”.

Thanks for letting us know about this, @laird. I’m glad to hear you were able to print the files, and I apologize for any frustration. Since you’re in good shape, I’m going to close this thread, but I will make sure that the team continues to investigate what happened.