Lots of tiny circles

Ugh… I like the other way around. Keeping things and putting them out of the tray when I cant fit them… Thank you for answering!

I still havent had time to test everything but here is without removing anything. Belt was ok

I filmed the acceration thing which is so powerful it shakes the whole GF, just need to reduce the file size.

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Thank you so much for working through the instructions my colleague @MorganW provided. Based on the photos of the belts, the position of the Pulley Assembly on the right side may be incorrect, which could cause the behavior you are seeing.

We’ve discovered that photos don’t always come through well on forum post, so you can follow this link for instructions to adjust the tension of the carriage plate belt.

I’d also like to make sure that the snag is not related to the Carriage Plate Wheels. When you have a moment, could you work through the previous instructions we provided regarding checking the wheels? Once we can review a photo of the Carriage Plate Assembly, we’ll send over any additional steps if we notice that anything is out of place.

Hi @Evelina. It’s been a couple days since Marc and Morgan’s last responses, and I wanted to check in to see if you’ve had a chance to try any of the suggestions around the carriage plate assembly in your Glowforge. Feel free to let us know, as well as attaching any photos, and we’ll gladly help until you’re able to print without trouble. Thank you!

Children and hubby have been sick so I´ve been stuck at home… Hopefully today or tomorrow. Bit scared of removing parts to be honest so I want to make sure I have enough time once I do it. Especially since this is the only trouble of this kind I´ve ever had!

Thank you for checking in!

I’m sorry to hear your family has been sick, I hope they make a speedy recovery. Please take your time and try the steps when you can. We’ll leave this thread open for now and look for your response.

Thank you, now all is well again…

So… I demounted and inspected and cleaned. Nothing. Then I adjusted the belt on the sides even though I thought it perhaps wasn’t needed. And then I did the same thing again. It acts the same way. Not the same holes since it is changing the pattern of cutting the holes. But as soon as it is accelerating the whole GF vibrates and the holes are not circular any more.

Hi there @Evelina - I’ve sent along some follow up steps via email that I’d like to try. I wanted to reach out via email so we can make sure we’re really on top of this item for you and making sure you’re taken care of.

I’ll go ahead and leave this topic open for now until I know you’ve received our email. Thanks!

Hi @Evelina - I wanted to check in as I’d not heard back from you for a few days. Could you please double check your email for me for some next steps?

It’s possible this email simply ended up lodged in a spam folder. I’ll keep this thread open a bit longer as I want to make sure you’re all taken care of.

I’m sorry I don’t get it checked faster, I haven’t been able to go to work at all last week. I checked that belt before and came to conclusion that it was acting as supposed to when I pushed. But I will tighten it a bit extra just in case. Will let you know when l’ve been able to go to work :blush:

HI @Evelina. Thank you for getting back to us and I’ll go ahead and leave this thread open to help with any further troubleshooting if tightening the belt does not help resolve this.

Hi @Evelina - It’s been a while since we’ve heard back. Hopefully that’s because everything is good to go now! I’m going to close this topic for now, but please reach out again at support@glowforge.com if you need any additional help!