Loud Bumping sound and stuck

My Glowforge was working fine last night, and today, it made a loud bumping sound when I started it up, and it is stuck, unable to calibrate. I turned if off, and inspected everything, the tube part moves perfectly by hand without anything obstructing it, but when I turned it back on. Same thing, loud noise that makes the exhaust part shake. HELP PLEASE!!!https://www.dropbox.com/s/sc3hruupfkwezl2/Makes%20loud%20bumping%20sound.mov?dl=0

Try gently moving the head under the camera then turn it on and hopefully it will find itself.


I tried, and it moves fine, I even took out the try and moved everything by hand making sure nothing was obstructing it. and nothing works :frowning:

Did you leave the head under the camera and then turn it on?


I am going to try that now

Thank you very much. That fixed it. I greatly appreciate your support


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