Loud glowforge, really loud

Had my glowforge for a year or 2. It started last week getting real loud, I turned it off, next day I tried again and it was back to normal for a minute, then back being real loud. Next day I cleaned it, a real deep clean, we haven’t used our glowforge as much as most, it was still really clean, but it needs a cleaning ever so often. We do use a blower (AC Infinity) instead of glowforge fan and have for a few months, works great and is much quieter then the glowforge itself. But this seems different, it sounds like it’s coming from the front right side, and it’s way way too loud, very noticeable. I haven’t seen anyone ever talk about this problem or seen anything about it on YouTube. Praying there is a fix and won’t have to ship it back. Thanks for any help.

There is no such thing as a “deep clean” prescribed by Glowforge, just wiping down the optics and the rails is all that is required. It’s covered on the support pages. A large majority of problems posted here start out with “I did a deep clean”…

That said, if your exhaust fan is disabled and there is noise from the right side, it’s likely there is debris on the intake fans below the main control board. Without major disassembly, you would need to clean them out from below.


Is this something I can do myself? And will this take away from any warranty’s do you know? Last thing, do I get to this from under my machine? Thanks for your time.

I just hope there’s no miscommunication, I had this noise start first, then I cleaned my machine, and my machine wasn’t that dirty, so I think it makes sense that it could be debris or something else. But I have no idea how to fix it. Thanks again for anyone’s help.

Move your machine so you can see underneath the front right corner. Look for anything that got sucked into the fan there. You can visually inspect for the source of the noise without taking anything apart. You can also blow compressed air in there to help clean the fan.


Oh thank you so much. I will try this. Never had or heard of this problem. I really appreciate the help from everyone.

I used air to blow it out, vacuumed, I tried looking underneath front right side and see nothing. I don’t see anything in the fan in back. I have no idea why it’s so loud. But I do need to get this running to start my business.

We determined it was the front right fan stuck on all the time. Machine should run fine, but very loud. At this point I cannot afford to fix it so I may or may not use it anymore. Glad to have everyone in here helping and glowforge team helping.

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