Loud noise and not centering

Hi all - i am slightly freaking out because my GF sounds really bad. I cut some stuff (acrylic and birch) 2 days ago and it cut fine. I haven’t used it since and i just powered it up and it’s making a loud sound while trying to “center”. I then got a message saying the laser experienced a bump, and to see if anything was in the way. I looked, and I couldn’t see anything. I looked super closely to see if maybe it was the tiniest piece of wood or acrylic, but still can’t see anything. I manually moved the laser head front and back and side to side, and the sound i think is coming from the belt on the sides (it sounds really loud and almost bumpy?).

I tried to power down and power back up, and same thing. It has been centering now for 20 minutes. I’m the only one that uses it in my house, and it is in a space in my house that no one else could’ve accidentally touched.

Has anyone had this happen before? It was working fine a couple of days ago!!


Check to see if the wheels holding that section of belt have come loose, folks have commented about loud noises from that.

Pictures of everything near the noise might help someone notice the issue


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