Loud vibrating noise

I have used hand sanitizer to good effect, first on wood and then acrylic, and then wiping down all the easy stuff like the lid glass etc and every surface the goop dissolves right away even when quite thick. After they said they were sending me a new head fan, I tried dousing the old one and used the Vacuum to move the airso all the excess would dissolve and get sucked into the vacuum, as well I left it running to totally dry it out without turning the Glowforge on so the Electronics never knew it was there. I cannot do that with the big exhaust fan unless I could run it without the Glowforge running…

They say that they can turn on just the fan from Seattle even with the lid open but only by email arrangement. It was my intention to spray from the outside, and then hook up the exhaust and hope that the exhaust fan was pumping all the fumes outside. Then while it was still running spray more from the inside and leave the fan running for hopefully at least an hour. if the fan dies its job right all the fumes will be sent outside.

For backup I have the blue monster that will move 500 cfm through its carbon and Hepa filters that are not direct but do a decent job of clearing smoke from the room, both particle and smell. I know that the cleaner will dissolve goop even without scrubbing and is much kinder to everything else (including living things like me) it is not kind to MDF, and I do not know about hot active circuits, but for the rest it has been ideal.

The $35 is not a terrible one time expense, but if I needed all the time I would certainly check out alternatives. Moving the Glowforge outside to work on it, would not be reasonable, as it is a several foot drop to outside and no protection to a sudden storm that is pretty much every day around here to say nothing of my lack of physical ability to manage it even then.


Thanks for letting us know about this.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

If anyone else is experiencing a similar issue, please reach out to us directly (either by posting a new topic or emailing support@glowforge.com), and we’ll get things sorted out.