Loud Vibration Noise when print starts and finishes

Hello… I need help.
I have a loud vibration noise when I start a job and when it done printing. I have done all the recommended troubleshooting on the support side and still have the noise. Anyone have recommendations?

You’re going to need to be specific; what have you tried?

Is the machine new - or just the vibration?
Can you record the audio and post it here (a video posted to youtube and linked here works well)?
Have you checked tension on all your belts?
Have you verified none of your wheels are cracked?
Have you verified none of your machine’s screws are loose?

We will probably have recommendations, but no one wants to rehash everything, so let us know what you’ve done and we’ll try to help!


The tension belts and wheels are good. I don’t see any screws loose anywhere.
I cleaned the fan where the lazer is and also cleaned the back fan with the degreaser GF recommends, cleaned the bed area. Use air spray and still have the noise. I also removed the duck hose and cleaned the van from that area as well.

Is the machine new - or just the vibration?
and can you record a video?

I got the GF in Feb and the sound is new. I do have a video. it’s saying it’s to big to upload. I compressed it and it won’t upload. it’s not even that long.

I was able to shorten the video.

Yeah, the limits on forum files are pretty small - loading to youtube is a way around that - but yay for compression!

That sounds like your fan to me. I would suggest going over it again, it’s possible something got stuck that even the degreaser couldn’t get off.

You can use the advice here to get a good look back there:

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will do . Thank you

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Definitely fan impacting the shroud. Likely due to debris build-up causing it to be out of balance.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.