Love Never Fails

Hi, I like your design,
would you have an SVG file available?

Since this is a post in Free Laser Designs, the file is available. Right click the file and save as an SVG to your computer. The file is after the text and before the photo in the original post. FYI forum rules state that we cannot ask for files from other forum users, so if the post is not in Free Laser Designs, the file is not available via the forum, but might be from the users Etsy shop.

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Well, I feel like a dodo, I totally missed it, looking too hard I guess.
I’m sorry for your loss, I lost my wife to cancer in 2006 and I was

really lost without her. I am “Saved” and God is big in my life and
Brought a great wife to me in 2008. Now I feel like Job, we have 10 grand kids
together, and instead of two married kids I now have her 3 married kids.
God does the impossible, look up.
Thanks so much again,