LOVE the detail!

I have had my GF since last Spring, but a hiatus came into play. Suddenly I have gotten the urge to work on small projects. Decided to pick up some items to try.

Tried some turquoise nuggets. I was quite surprised that they wood engrave so well. The heart in the image is about 3.5 mm at its wide point and the other image - a bunny - is about 3 mm tall.


Super cool! The only thing missing is a Tic Tac for scale. :smile:


@Jules , sorry. Fresh out of Tic Tacs. But how about your favorite - RICE! Now nobody needs to work in metric or imperial - just calories - :grinning:


The point of the mechanical pencil not good enough, @jules? :slight_smile:


I would give this more likes if I could! :smile:

It’s okay, but the rice just makes it! :wink:


…And that is not my impression of a bleeding heart. Just tried red alcohol ink and got sloppy. But the rabbit is a gag gift for a friend who has about 100 different rabbit items in her house. She is going thru another “possession cleansing” so I thought that a “little something” to cheer her up would be in order.


What is a “possession cleansing”? (Sounds like something I might need to try.)


Forget it @Jules . You aren’t eligible for the program of getting rid of stuff that has NOT been used in a year. Nobody here is either.

Comical to hear about how much effort people take to watch tv and internet stuff on how to sort t-shirts and socks.

Disclaimer - I am not opposed to those who fold, sort, organize, or possibly even iron their socks. I have so many orphan socks that are the result of something sinister that happens in the dryer that I can not stand the thought of taking inventory of my clothing drawers. It is sad, and I am sure that there is a program for people like me, but I am too involved in researching the internet for the best iron for ironing orphan socks.


Oh hell no…the instant I toss something that I haven’t used in a while, it’s a stone cold guarantee that I’ll need it desperately within 3 days.

My problem is I buy in bulk when I find a good price on something…and then have to store it. Yeep!


OK, 'fess up @jules :laughing:. How many used proof grade sheets do you have lying around that would make a Master Swiss cheese maker envious? Come on, just one square inch engrave syndrome?

Obviously - I hope - I am just having fun and don’t mean to insult anyone.

My Mom was like Martha Stewart before Martha ever discover gold spray paint. Nothing was thrown away. I have never thrown away a scrap of proof grade or (as my my wife claims erroneously) anything else.

With the Glowforge in hand I am now justified. IT MIGHT BE ENGRAVEABLE!

Except socks.


Don’t ask. :rofl:


LOL! You are a riot!


What to do with scraps has come up a lot!

for myself…

I make these instead of having cards,


Banana. Bananas are the official GF scale.


They would look like a dark spot on the side of the banana at that scale

Didn’t @henryhbk do a mustard seed once?


@Jules did rice so the comparison is close.

Stunning examples! I love the 3D engrave too. :slight_smile:

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Toss out the extra sock and the other will come slap you on the face looking for its mate. Back when my legs and back allowed I bought socks six pairs at a time and always black. That way even not matching it was hard to tell. Now they insulate drinks more often than I can reach my feet.

One of many signs I have in planning “Martha Stewart does not live here!”


I did and still have the mustard seed!

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