Things to Make with Scraps

I made some name tags for gifts that have a slot at each end to lace the ribbon through.


Very kewl! :grinning:

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Great use of scraps! I’ve got tons of Swiss cheese plywood here to do something similar. I did make some tiny fiddles and guitars for our local fiddlers group but they will never need them all.


I can’t leave any surface untouched and I hate to throw material away no matter how small. I fill everything with whatever little doodad is sitting in my files. My house is covered with little lasered scraps so now I take a few with me to gatherings. Inevitably the GF laser comes up in conversation and I give them away. Now that I’ve been cutting for a bit, I am able to let some small scraps go. It’s still painful though.


Nice… are those acrylics drink stirrers?

Here’s a pile of finished keychains I just completed. My last cut I just added a bunch of things in the spaces where I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit future projects… these little keychains are perfect for that. I also have some bigger ones that I made into magnets.


Those are awesome and would make great little giveaways. Adding a key chain to make them useful is a good idea. I just went and ordered some. :slight_smile:

Yes, those are cocktail stirrers


This wasn’t the fanciest design since I was in a time crunch and interested in obtaining functioning pants quickly, but it seemed to be an ok use for scrap material and took less than a minute to design and cut. I’ll proably circle back for more complicated buttons later with scrap pieces.

image|369x500 image

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


That looks great. :grin:

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Buttons! What a fantastic idea. Never would have thought of that. Is that acrylic?

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Yes, it is approx. 1/8" acrylic

I too tend to waste a ton of good material simply because I didn’t plan ahead. I now have a file with about 20 designs ready to throw on a glowforge job to prevent the waste. Somehow, I always steer back towards star wars stuff. :wink:

Here is a bunch of crap made on some leftover maple.


If you want this button, I can upload the file. It was adapted from a larger skull someone uploaded early this year.


Yes please

Here’s the tiny skull button. I wish i could remember who originally uploaded the skull to give them credit for it.

SkullButton copy.pdf (91.4 KB)




Thanks. It was late and I was crashing.

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Hey ya’ll, I know this is an old post, but does anyone know the settings used for these cool skull buttons? I don’t have white acrylic on hand so its hard to compare, but I have tried many other acrylics and even wood but the detail doesn’t seem to come out well on any of them so I’m wondering if it’s a settings thing. Thanks to any help!

sorry, at 3.5 years ago, i don’t have that listed anywhere. and in the end, it’s all about continuing to test. my guess is i started with SD graphic and then adjusted from there.

honestly, there’s not a whole lot of detail with the skulls at that scale.