Love this machine-My Pinball Dead Art

Haven’t had my machine for even a month yet, and I’ve made so many wonderful things. Here is my current work in progress. So happy with the results.


That’s really nice.

Are you done? it seems like it’s begging to be painted… the dead always had such a strong graphic identity, you can do a lot with that.

BTW you might like this:


Sculpting with light - How cool is that? The detail that .008 gives you… :star_struck:


Thanks, I’m probably going to add some clear coat and leave it natural. I read planning on adding some color, but once it finished, i was really happy with how it came out. Im thinking some selective staining before a clear coat though. Got to stew it over.
It’s based off this image I made. This version has plenty of color. It’s my phone back ground now.




Truly amazing piece of work! :heart_eyes: From the engrave lines you had the design vertical so I am guessing less than 11 inches tall though it looks bigger in the pictures, I would love to see something like that done horizontally to get the maximum size though there would need to be a bit of gaming the engraves as I don’t think the entire bed would engrave at once, fighting also the higher LPI that would reduce the engrave lines.

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The detail is amazing. I really like how the designs are juxtaposed and layered.

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I just got to check out the link you posted. Nice box! I’ve been doing boxes as well, working a lot with the living hinges. But I’ve not been putting dead stuff on those, leaving them with more nuetral graphics like butterflies, mandala’s and such.

I had a full size draft board with the image rotated so it ended up being 10" x 20" when done. Someone thought it was a door and that got me thinking of the possibilities …

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That’s really cool! I really like that! I am always amazed at the amount of detail we can get with the GF.