Lovely inlay boxes

These lovely designs were inspired by leaf veins


Jaw bruised as it hit the floor :joy:

Sudden light bulb moment - Somewhere I have skeleton leaves brought back from Malaysia in 1966, and given the trace function on the Forge… ?
Somewhere I’ve seen instructions on the web how to produce the leaves, so looks like yet another source of inspiration :+1: :+1:


Do a search here. I’m certain it was one of the earliest things people were talking about…

Well, Oct - Nov of '15 I think.

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Oh well, I had done a basic search and didn’t see it. If the duplicate post clutters things unnecessarily, someone can delete it. Maybe some new folks will enjoy it though.

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kittsi, I think wesleyjames was referring to the idea using a leaf vein pattern and how to produce skeleton leaves, rather than these particular, delicious boxes.
Thank you for posting them.
Having done a quick online search, I can see that real leaves are too complex an image to be practical, and simple drawn vein patterns are too simple.
Hitting a compromise is the key to producing the wow factor.



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Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

Indeed. “Leaf outline” first result. Dec '15


My comment wasn’t aimed at you at all. Share away! I was providing a possible source for @johnbrooker’s “instructions on the web”.

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These are fantastic.

Cool, I thought the designs were Lichtenberg fractals at first:


If you feel like sharing a hi-res photo or a scan of one of your leaves, I would be willing to try making a hand-traced vector version.

You threw me there for a moment, jbv.
I’ll explain. I’m a fan maker, and currently setting up a new business based on the work that I and my late wife did over a period of ~35 years. The current development is based on me producing leaves, but not botanical specimens ( though that is what I was referring to in the earlier post), rather fan leaves, and I spent a couple of hours this afternoon talking about them with a gallery owner/long time friend.
Hence my double take !
However, if I can find the said leaves, I’ll post them up, and thank you for your kind offer.


ahh… yes, I was thinking about the botanical variety!


Wow…Definitely saving this for later. Fantastic work!

Wow. I’m loving this…
I needed this inspiration
Thank you!