Lovely things to do (and avoid) with your referral link

I’ve gotten a bunch of spam flags recently because of people including their referral link. The system automatically flags referral links as spam. If you need help with something related to your link, email support@, don’t put it here. If you’d like to get more referrals, email it to all of your friends who you think would appreciate it… don’t put it here. : )

You can find the full referral code terms & conditions here:

Thanks Dan,

I have been lurking on the forums from the first week reading everything that is posted. Finally pulled the trigger and ordered a few days ago. I just picked someone at random from the forums, tracked them down and used their referral code. So I thought I would make it easier for someone like me at the last minute to use my code. Since time is running out.

I emailed my friends, but they are said they are fine just coming over and using mine :smile:


Your friends sound a whole lot like my friends! :wink:

I’ve just gotten another email informing me that someone else has used my referral link! These kind strangers will probably never know how much the savings mean to me right now. It was a tough call whether or not I could afford the Glowforge at the moment, after being in a car accident last month, but it seems like things are working out pretty okay in the end :slight_smile:

Yay Glowforgers!


That’s fantastic! I can see that, by a mile, the people who are getting the most referral links are writing long facebook posts about what they plan to do with their Glowforges and posting them with the referral link. That’s what I’d recommend!

That might be reason enough to get a Facebook account… But, no. :skull:

I have a love/hate relationship with FB too. : ) Lots of referrals happening on twitter and a ton from personal blogs as well.


Your spam robot is out of control. I even made a topic about it and it also got flagged as spam, lol.
Now to see if your robot just hates me and this post disappears too… Of course, at this point I may actually be spamming about not spamming… :fearful:

Sadly I’m the only person I know crazy enough to buy one of these. And I don’t want to join in on referral spamming every Glowforge related post and video on the web. I’m happy to pay full price because it’s more than worth it. :smile:


I really should have done that…Didn’t realize about the referral codes when i purchased. I would have used someones link! is it too late for me to help someone out?

All I need is the Glowforge so I can make Youtube videos of stuff I make, THEN put the link THERE. Oh wait. It’s almost like a catch 22.

Like Catch 21.5

I’m right here with you on this one: I fell in love with the Glowforge as soon as I saw it (after the original october 24th 50% off deadline) I didn’t know about the referral codes until after I had already purchased the Pro model for full price. It hurts, but it’s worth it

Me too… I almost missed the 50% off deadline. Once I start using it and it work the way I expect it (and beyond), then and only then, I would know it is WORTH IT! Crossing my fingers…

Before anyone gets too anxious that they paid double what some others did, the current Glowforge Pro price on the website is about $800 if my math is right over the pre-order 50% off price. So you’re still getting a pretty good deal.

This forum is for people who already purchased a glowforge and have their own links to share already, so your referral link will be wasted in this context. You will have more luck sharing it with makers in other venues, but you should definitely spend some time digging around here. There’s a lot of great info to find

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Isn’t the forum read-only for non-customers? If so, a referral link could still pay dividends.

Still, interesting that the CEO posts at the top of this topic to not put your referral link here. And yet…

It is, but unless you are logged in to the main site, the link doesnt even show up, so the chances of anyone stumbling upon the forums are pretty slim. And to look for a referral code in a topic that tells people not to post their referral links in the forum is pretty backwards logic. keyword search may pop it up. either way…could it be found, theres a slim chance. will it pay off? highly doubt it.

Well it does seem a bit crude to post a referral link here, but people do funny things when it comes to money.

@rpegg - that’s true. I usually see only the last few posts in a thread and completely forgot about the original message.