Lv 1 Dice tower

i left a small gap between panels and the walls so that if something were to become jammed in the box you would have a way to access the middle levels. so i would like a way to preserve that feature but also reduce the gap.

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Loving the results with acrylic



Mine isn’t collapsible, either I missed that memo or I just got excited and glued it together. But

I did take out the bottom lip of the doorway since I ended up gluing it together. Dice were getting stuck there fairly regularly. Also lined the capture tray with a bit of leather… no particular reason why, just had some on hand.

Edit: The back

Not your fault. I didn’t think about it til later. Thankfully I just made it of draftboard so I hacked the bottom lip of the doorway out with a box cutter. Bout an hour and a half of cutting and engraving total, and I don’t know how long finding, tracing, and positioning the engraves. I might have just wanted to have a “finished” thing in my hands and didn’t worry too much about the minutiae until it was too late.

I do plan on making another one out of something other than draftboard, so I will revisit it again. Personally I don’t think the bottom lip of the exit door really adds much structurally even without the tray. Perhaps longer tabs, to connect to a base, and through to a tray if people decide to go that route.


that is quite the engraving. glad i could save you some time. i tried to make the design so you could print the tower without the tray, if materials were an issue. i guess i forgot to add a key to the cut list

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Thanks for sharing this design! I’m the only one in my gaming group without my own dice tower, but now I can fix that. :smiley:

Go with a tray instead :wink:

Haha, I actually already have a dice box/tray combo. I just want that deafening rattle of my rogue’s 10d6 sneak attack echoing in a tower. I’ll have to use a material that can take a lot of abuse… :smile:

Your tray looks neat, though! I love seeing everyone’s creative designs here.

You want to make an impression, get yourself some tungsten dice. they are brutally heavy. I hung out with the guys at Norse Foundry at the last DragonCon, it’s really astounding how much heft tungsten has.

Of course, there’s the slight matter of price… Their 7 die set is $475.

There’s other options for impression making, like

I haven’t gotten around to engraving them yet, gotta rig up a tray-less engraving template, then do it over and over one engrave per side. Ugh. Come on, GF, add a pause/break action in the UI so I can engrave, pause, adjust, engrave, pause, adjust, etc.

It was this guy’s birthday yesterday, so I whipped up a tower for him. He’s a PhD mathematician specializing in knot theory, so I made the theme Celtic knots. And if the Celtic astrology website I found is to be believed, his significant animals are seals, seagulls, and sea horses, so I put seahorses on it.


Love it! (Two of my favorite things too.) :grinning:

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Not exactly from your files but you started me down the right path! Decided to go for a slightly shorter version for my first attempt.

Here’s the SVG. The top baffle is slightly longer than the others… just in case…



I recognize that dragon! :grinning:


Well, as per the rules, last night the players brought over 1 characters to the table…I brought a Balrog.

And a touch of blacklight yellow:


No idea what that is, but you are definitely setting a high bar for the other players. :wink:

That’s the flame and shadow demon Gandalf fought in the Dwarven mines in the lord of the rings.

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I definitely need to get out more. :wink:

Considering Gandalf and the Balrogs are all Maiar then this is really a bro-fight… terrible things are caused by that One Ring and a handfull of Silmarils


I’d tried reading through the Silmarilian at one point but think i missed a whole lot as I hadn’t made the connection until i was wandering around a lotr wiki monday of last week.

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I tried to read it about 5 times before i finally managed to get through it. In the end it was taking notes (mostly the Human and Elven names and connections) that got me through.

Getting through it once was the hard part, now i reread it yearly (and have done so for over 20 years) and still discover hidden treasures in it


Made me a GOT Tower