Lv 1 Dice tower



Dice tower.pdf (8.8 KB) -edited 2/14/18
Designed for Maple plywood medium

Was listening to some Role playing on the Streaming sites, after a few rounds I decided to make my own dice tower.
After a long search i found no good free designs.
So after a few hours on Corel Draw (i have to learn 3d modeling) Here is my second design after i decided to add a optional Lid/Tray.
Fit could be better. though with one hidden drop of glue, this tower is sturdy.
I am offering this design free to use on the agreement that you post a picture of your completed unit and you must add something awesome to your design (this may work but the poor gal is naked).

Fold-up dice tower prototype (with SVG)
Beta Project - Dice Tower v3!

I’ve been meaning to try one of these but needed a place to start. Thanks and if/when I make one I’ll be sure to post it.


Great first/second design! Should see a lot of action. :grinning:


Nice! A dice tower is on my list. Will definitely post a pic if we use your plans.


I had this on my list of things to design/build today. Thanks a lot!


My boyfriend has been asking for a dice tower for years so thank you for this! I added a geometric pattern D20 dice all over it but I’d only suggest the pattern if you really, really love weeding. :joy:


Wow! Thank you so much for your work! Really wanted to do one for my son-in-law before dinner at 4 today … you have made it possible!

Now to find something to dress it up with! Thank you!!


Or if you use Gorilla Tape, which makes weeding plywood a snap! (It doesn’t work consistently well on Draftboard, unfortunately).


Here is my latest tower. I made a small change, 1 remembered to mirror back the side the pieces to make it faster to engrave details. And made the lid pieces taller will upload the changes soon


Dice tower-v2.pdf (4.2 KB)

I made a few adjustments. I reduced the size of the holes to get a better fit on the proofgrade materials. I gave it a little more depth. Some of the dice were getting stuck. I also squeezed it together to make it more efficient in the use of material.


I already see one thing I will have to change in the next version. The bottom ramp sits back a bit now and I could see a die getting caught there. I think I may have to extend the ramp a bit and make it a tad longer.


Actually if you cut an extra piece 2 1/4 x 2 7/8 it fits onto the last angled piece. I suppose I could get the gap smaller on the sides, but it lines up perfectly with the front, so no lip for dice to hang up on. I used draftboard for the first one and we’ll need to glue it but my kids love it!


That would fix this one but I will have to make a couple more so I still have to tweak the design. But I like the easy fix!


Black oiled leather in the tray.

Edit: oh yeah- solid mahogany.

Can anyone identify this wood product?
Let's talk wood
Lined layered box for D&D
Like sands through the hourglass

Love that you put the 20 side up. Was that intentional, or just “the way the dice landed”?


Intentional :slight_smile:


Also slightly off topic but those engraves are unmodified. Mahogany engraves jet black.


I like that very much, I have a bit of Mahogany in my shop, I should really make something out of it that I can engrave on. Love that wood.


i left a small gap between panels and the walls so that if something were to become jammed in the box you would have a way to access the middle levels. so i would like a way to preserve that feature but also reduce the gap.


Loving the results with acrylic