Lv 1 Dice tower

Dice tower.pdf (8.8 KB) -edited 2/14/18
Designed for Maple plywood medium

Was listening to some Role playing on the Streaming sites, after a few rounds I decided to make my own dice tower.
After a long search i found no good free designs.
So after a few hours on Corel Draw (i have to learn 3d modeling) Here is my second design after i decided to add a optional Lid/Tray.
Fit could be better. though with one hidden drop of glue, this tower is sturdy.
I am offering this design free to use on the agreement that you post a picture of your completed unit and you must add something awesome to your design (this may work but the poor gal is naked).


I’ve been meaning to try one of these but needed a place to start. Thanks and if/when I make one I’ll be sure to post it.


Great first/second design! Should see a lot of action. :grinning:


Nice! A dice tower is on my list. Will definitely post a pic if we use your plans.


I had this on my list of things to design/build today. Thanks a lot!


My boyfriend has been asking for a dice tower for years so thank you for this! I added a geometric pattern D20 dice all over it but I’d only suggest the pattern if you really, really love weeding. :joy:


Wow! Thank you so much for your work! Really wanted to do one for my son-in-law before dinner at 4 today … you have made it possible!

Now to find something to dress it up with! Thank you!!


Or if you use Gorilla Tape, which makes weeding plywood a snap! (It doesn’t work consistently well on Draftboard, unfortunately).


Here is my latest tower. I made a small change, 1 remembered to mirror back the side the pieces to make it faster to engrave details. And made the lid pieces taller will upload the changes soon


Dice tower-v2.pdf (4.2 KB)

I made a few adjustments. I reduced the size of the holes to get a better fit on the proofgrade materials. I gave it a little more depth. Some of the dice were getting stuck. I also squeezed it together to make it more efficient in the use of material.


I already see one thing I will have to change in the next version. The bottom ramp sits back a bit now and I could see a die getting caught there. I think I may have to extend the ramp a bit and make it a tad longer.

Actually if you cut an extra piece 2 1/4 x 2 7/8 it fits onto the last angled piece. I suppose I could get the gap smaller on the sides, but it lines up perfectly with the front, so no lip for dice to hang up on. I used draftboard for the first one and we’ll need to glue it but my kids love it!


That would fix this one but I will have to make a couple more so I still have to tweak the design. But I like the easy fix!

Black oiled leather in the tray.

Edit: oh yeah- solid mahogany.


Love that you put the 20 side up. Was that intentional, or just “the way the dice landed”?

Intentional :slight_smile:

Also slightly off topic but those engraves are unmodified. Mahogany engraves jet black.


I like that very much, I have a bit of Mahogany in my shop, I should really make something out of it that I can engrave on. Love that wood.

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i left a small gap between panels and the walls so that if something were to become jammed in the box you would have a way to access the middle levels. so i would like a way to preserve that feature but also reduce the gap.

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Loving the results with acrylic