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So I recently purchased my glow forge. We are looking at the inkscape program to create vector images. So my question is I know it will not work on the iPad but I have a Mac mini that is currently just connected to a TV monitor. Is there a good drawing tablet to connect to that or what is my best option because I mostly do everything with an iPad.


Wacom makes most of the industry standard for drawing tablets, there are verious versions with extra features but that would be your best option for the Mac. Additionally there is a free program for ipad called Vectornator that allows you to do the same things as inkscape, personally I use it in tandem with the inkscape program when needed.


Look into Affinity Designer for the iPad too.


There are many great drawing apps for iPad, but you can also connect your iPad to your Mac and use it as a drawing tablet using the built in Sidecar function.

If you’d prefer a dedicated separate drawing tablet Wacom is the industry standard and their introductory models are great for learning.


That right there.


I use MacBook Pro with a nice touchpad, and have a Wacom graphic tablet, but use an external Apple Magic Touchpad when working on complicated designs much more than the Wacom.

The Wacom is nice but overkill for 99% of what I need to design for the GF. I’d probably say that for design, I use the built-in MacBook touchpad 95% of the time, the external larger Magic Trackpad occasionally, and the Wacom very rarely. Stylus-based tablets are much better suited to professional designers, in my opinion.

As your Mini requires an external, I’d definitely go with the Apple Magic Trackpad. I am actually thinking of picking up a M2 mini to connect to my UHD 65" TV, and would use the Magic with that (and I have a very nice BT keyboard with “typewriter”-style keys that I sometimes use with my MacBook when doing a lot of typing…)


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