MacBook Engraving...Kinda



Congrats on your new machine—you are gonna have a ton of fun!




You engrave matching scratches on the other side! :smile:


I did a couple iPhones from the local repair shop, with decent success. I gladly hand off the baton.


I want to see an iPhone X engraved. :crazy_face:


Im not sure how thats going to work with it being glass!


That’s why I want to see it. :wink:


Okay so I took another try after cleaning the laptop with alcohol and using a different file. I also turned down the power to 99. I’m also wondering since this is a MacBook Air and slightly thinner on one side then the other if that made a difference the first time. This bow was done on the thinner side of the computer.


I have a feeling there’s an interesting story behind this…


And a nice tire tread design so it looks like it was run over.


This is kinda what happened when I did engraving on my daughters iPad and sons iPhone. I had weird banding issues. The iPad was a black coated one and the iPhone was a black coating as well.I think they got moved to the settings section.


I’m trying to engrave on a mac book pro that has been discarded. Who can help?

I set the material and imported an image. It was set to engrave but I got nothing when I started the print.


Is the image within the GFUI area completely? Is the thickness of the material calculated that the surface height is within the focus range?

When you clicked the software print button, did you get a Glowing hardware button on the machine and a countdown or did it just try to process the file and failed?

Got nothing as in the laser didn’t fire but the head was moving? Or the head didn’t move at all even though the print preview started. Or the image just wouldn’t upload?


Most common cause of this is two vector graphics laying on top of one another, which effectively cancels the engrave out.


Got nothing as in the laser didn’t fire etc.

I did bet countdown.

Not sure what the GFUI area is, but the camera picked up the computer and the image was on the computer as with my other engravings. I assumed that picking MacBook Pro as the material the distance for the focus would be accounted for.


Seems like an image (art work) problem. Can you post it or describe it?

Glow Forge User Interface.


This is the image I was trying to etch on the computer.



Nothing wrong with the image, it’s a PNG file. You can just drag that on to the Dashboard and it will open up as an engrave.

Measure the thickness of the MacBook Pro that you are trying to engrave with a good pair of digital calipers. If it is over 0.50 inches thick, you will need to remove the tray, prop the surface of the Macbook so that it falls into the correct range, and do some calculations so that you can set the correct thickness for it in the Unknown Materials column. I’m pretty sure the laser isn’t going to fire if the laptop is too thick.

(Link to the height calculator if you need it: here)


If I remember right, the MacBook Pro is like .70”.

When I did my MacBook, I stacked 4 pieces of Baltic birch ply and then a sheet of .08” chipboard to catch the “overrun” of how I had set up my design.

I have the details here:


This is an 8, but it’s glass so…