Machine cut off -- will not come back on

During a cut, the machine cut off and will not restart. Stopped mid-cut. Removed power cord, changed outlets, turned off and on and it will not turn back on. No error messages on screen.

App still thinks it is cutting and continues to completion; then the app restarts the cut right at 4 minutes, most likely when it cut off in a 12 min cut. Shutting down app only brings it right back to the 4 minute mark.

NOTE: I have unplugged and replugged the power cord, tried different outlets, et al.

Sadly that sounds like your power supply blew :frowning: If you have a Plus, make sure the interlock staple on the back next to the power switch didn’t get pulled out somehow…other than that I believe you’ll need to wait for a staff member to weigh in.

That bites :frowning:

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This BS gets posted all the time. The interlock has no effect on power, it simply halts the machine just like opening the lid - except you have to power-cycle the machine to restart it…

Yes - but if its out your machine won’t power on.

Yes, it will.

Just checked. No change. Machine powers up just fine with interlock removed. It won’t do anything - that’s the point, machine is disabled - but it powers up as usual.

If you have a machine with the interlock, I suggest you try it yourself before telling people it could cause their machine to lose power.

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Well then excellent, if they try that it won’t make a difference - but at least it gave them something to try!
Any other suggestions?

Nope. Looks like you’ve got it covered.

Wow. Someone’s in a great mood.

thanks for responding. I do have a plus and will look to see if it came loose somehow, but I doubt it. :frowning:

Hello! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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