Machine damaged upon delivery, but not by Fedex-damaged before shipped- HELP

Received my GF Pro last week. Went to set up everything on Sunday, but upon taking it out of the box, I saw that it was damaged. The outer plastic housing is severely cracked and has a hole in it, down toward the bottom right front. The Fedex box is not dented. The missing piece is not in the shipping box. This leads me to believe that the machine was damaged before it was shipped. Do not know how it works at the factory, but this machine was not inspected before shipping. The first e-mail I got from GF stated something about they were sorry it was damaged in shipping. I explained to them that I do not believe it was damaged in shipping.

I have come to realize that GF does not have phone support. One does not realize that a lack of phone support is a problem, until one has a problem. I send an e-mail , and then it takes a day for them to answer back. Then I reply, and it takes another day for them to respond. All of this back and forth could be resolved with one simple phone call.

Let me get to the next problem. GL is handling this as a warranty issue. I do not know why, as the warranty has no thing to do with it. I never even unpacked the inside of the machine. I believe the machine was damaged prior to being shipped, and the company needs to take ownership of this, and correct the problem.

I am now being told that they have no idea when I will get another machine. I see that on their website, it says that they have low inventory. It does not say ‘sold out’. I have not come to wonder if they are more intent on shipping machines for new orders, than they are with resolving my situation.

Sorry if I sound angry. I wasn’t angry until today, because I can’t get any clear answers from anyone, and every time I get an e-mail, it is from a different person. Today, I was told that my warranty would expire on 12-06-20, as that was the date of my shipment. However, since no one knows when I will get a replacement machine, so I do not agree that the warranty should be active at this point, and every day I am losing another day from my warranty, without a machine.

I am not sure if I am allowed to make a complaint on this board, or if my comments will be removed. Maybe I will be lucky and someone with authority will read the review.


Please, someone help me. I just received an e-mail from someone stating that I could cancel the purchase with the machine that was shipped damaged. However, I financed with Affirm, and I do not know how that would work. I am being told that this is the only way to get a warranty that would start from the time I get the new machine. However, if I place a new order, that is going to put my further down the list to get the machine. Honestly, the customer service is horrible. I get one e-mail a day, then I answer it, and then it takes another day for someone to get back to me. This could drag on forever.

Glowforge, I am heart broken, and right now I have tears in my eyes. Not because the machine was shipped damaged to me, but because of the way this is being handled. Customer service is non-existent. GF should step up to the plate. They shipped a damaged machine, and they need to take ownership of the problem, and fix it.

I have witnessed this company in action for years now, and I can assure you they will take care of it.
All of us here can sympathize with the excitement of your anticipated new machine and having your hopes dashed.
A bunch of us paid in full in 2015 expecting a few months delay, but as the projected date approached there was another delay - 6 months. Then another, and another. :sleepy:

My point here is all of the angst vanished when we finally got it delivered. I have had mine for over 2 years now, and I am still thrilled with it!
In your position of expecting to get it before Christmas, being excited thinking of all the possible gift ideas - only to be disappointed when you opened the box would be terribly frustrating! We can all understand your feelings… We’ve had them.

Sorry that some of the shine has been taken off your holiday. The best thing you could do now is not focus on your disappointment and frustrations, and enjoy your family and friends - you have done all you can at this point.

This is a new company that is still evolving. My laser has been updated a dozen times from software and firmware improvements, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
I look forward to seeing what you make when you get yours!

It’s obvious to all of us the support system needs improvement, but I know they will make it right. Now, take a deep breath and dry you tears, the wait will be worth it!

I’ll bet your holiday season has some bright spots for you too! :+1:


I just received another e-mail from GF. I am being told that a new replacement machine will not be here for 4 weeks. I am also being told that the warranty started on 12-06-19, and will end on 12-06-20. Thus, by the time the machine arrives, I will have lost, perhaps, two months of the warranty. It seems there is no negotiating of this. I find this an unacceptable business practice. I don’t know where to go from here. Any suggestions. Perhaps the next step is the Better Business Bureau.

Just found out that GF is not a member of the Better Business Bureau. Why not, I would ask?

Just e-mailed GF, and asked them to cancel, and not send a replacement machine. I do not agree with the warranty, ticking away, while I wait for a replacement machine. I it is very sad, that I never got the chance to use my new machine. As I stated before, it is my belief that it was shipping damaged from the warehouse. I am very disappointed, but this is too upsetting to try to deal with customer service. You just can’t deal with a problem like this by e-mail. Have tried to work this out for 5 days, but now I am done.

Because BBB is a scam?


Chris1 - sorry you feel that way.
BBB has helped many people with their problems.

I’m sure it’s just as legit as Yelp…

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Yelp doesn’t give out stickers. Does it?

You mean like these?



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Ok, everyone, nice conversation about the BBB. I will say that they helped me years ago when I had car problems, and by going to the BBB, GM put a new engine in my car.

As to GF, they did not answer my e-mail today about canceling my purchase. Affirm answered though, so good customer service for them. Very disappointed in GF. Maybe in years to come, they will improve their customer service. Good idea for them would be to hang some framed motivational comments about customer service, around their office.



I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.