Machine DOA, no updates from support

Plus machine arrived DOA on 02/25/2020, reported to support, they ran diagnostics, responded on 02/27/2020 that it had to be returned, replacement to be shipped out once I respond back, responded back early on 02/28/2020, nothing further received from support despite my repeated pleas for an update.

Yeah, unfortunately that’s the way it works here. They are arranging for the replacement to be sent to you from the factory, and as soon as they have one lined up, they will give you more information. They do not contact us until they’re ready to move on it though. It’s their policy. So just wait till you hear from them, it generally takes some time to arrange, but they haven’t forgotten about it.

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I have read so many comments about GF sending out a refurbished machine to replace a brand new one and/or putting refurbished parts in an otherwise new machine. I am really nervous about being out $4,740 and the only thing I have to show for it is the air cleaner (which I have since learned is not worth the money and the filters need replacing too often for $250 each). I thought I did enough research before settling on the GF but I guess I didn’t. Adding insult to injury is their email support system and no phone support.

Not surprising. Wouldn’t give a whole lot of weight to things I read on the internet from complete strangers who like to scare-monger though. :wink:


This was in the Facebook Glowforge Community Group.

Glowforge doesn’t monitor any of the Facebook groups. (So you’re not getting anything official there.)

Just wait to hear from them.

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Good to know. I have no choice but to wait. We’re just anxious!

I’ve never seen them fail to come through yet. (Granted, it sometimes takes longer than anyone likes, but I’ve been here for over 4 years. You’re in good hands.) :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry for the concern! I’ve replied to your email, and am going to close this thread .

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