Machine just scans ....nothing moves

Just got a message says Camera didnt take a picture … Any one got any suggestions?

My machine has stopped working. It does nothing but scan …no movement at all. Checked wifi connection is good. Machine is clean …worked today then just stopped. HELP Please. Tried to call Glowfordge today no answer.

Welcome @tershe70 to the forum. I do hope support comes along soon and assists. They can see the logs and usually narrow down the problem.

Sometimes the connection between the head and machine isn’t good. that side cable that lies along the gantry. Other times it might be the lid cable up to the camera.

Often is is spotty wifi. It seems that you are online and could upload something, but then it gets interrupted.

Up to this point it has been functioning correctly? Doing good prints? I hope you have enjoying things thus far.

It does seem to be a common problem that has various solutions. The downside is that the error messages are cryptic and not having a lot of information to go on.


I have the same problem that started yesterday after successfully printing one job then an hour or so later got the same message - I did all the trouble shooting for the wifi and the cables and was able to get through to support on the phone earlier today… I have to get a new black cable - unfortunately they are out of stock and are not expecting more for about a week…

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I am also experiencing the same issue…currently awaiting support.

To @7evensouth - it doesn’t actually help to post on other people’s threads unless you’re providing info for their problem.

There are a few steps you should run through to eliminate problems that don’t require a replacement part or repair, so run through all of these and post your results here so that when a staff member gets here they can read your answers and move forward more quickly!

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Hello @tershe70 Thank you for reaching out to us in the forums. I reviewed the recent history of your Glowforge logs and it looks like you have successfully been able to print since you’ve reached out. Please let me know if you have any other questions or have any other concerns. Thank you!

Thank you ! Yes we have been printing . We cleaned the black cable connection on the lid and its working great . I am going to order a new cable for future tho.

Hello @tershe70 Sounds Great! I will go ahead and close this thread now. Thank you!