Machine machine a zipping noise, broken part and the tube turned bright red out of nowhere

This is my third machine in less that 6 months. First one barely worked, second machine was refurbished and didn’t work-rusted parts, yellow plastic ect. This is my third.

The noise is so so loud and the tube just turned bright red. I stopped the machine once I heard the noice and the part fell off where the cable runs through. Its a new machine too…

I checked to see if anything needed to be cleaned, exhaust fan, and its emaculate… again its a new machine. Any help?

The “zipping noise” is almost definitely coming from the exhaust fan at the back left of the machine. It spins up then down when you power on the machine, and only goes back to full speed when you start a job. If it’s sucked in a bit of masking paper or other debris, or is coated in gunk making it spin off balance, either would explain that noise. I know you looked there, but that sound very much sounds like the fan blades brushing up against something as it spins.

The color of your laser tube is completely normal, they all have a copper-colored coating in the center part and they all glow a bright pink color when pulsing at or near full power. That, at least as pictured, also looks fine.

The plastic part of the tensioner pulley is an $8 part and can easily be replaced. They can crack when putting a lot of tension on the belt to remove the carriage plate – something the previous owner, and the factory that refurbished the machine probably did multiple times. It’ll be covered by the 90 day warranty on refurbished machines if you’d like GF to send it out for free.


thank you for that amazing reply. I’m a single momma and had a lot of difficulties with the machine so far. I will look at the exhaust fan and see if there’s anything causing this. I will order the part unless the company sends me a replacement.

The way you described the noise was spot on. The “zipping noise” fires up at first and then stops when full powered and honestly, scares me.

The colored laser started when these issues began so it really concerned me considering the issues I’ve had with machines. Thank you so so much for the helpful response. I’ll try my best and troubleshoot this given your advice on the exhausted fan


The normal noise from that exhaust fan is quite loud and a number of folks have purchased through fans that sit near where the exhaust leaves the building, and those can barely be heard.

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