Machine not cutting/cracked lens

Ive attached an image of what appears to be a crack in my lens. I am nkt able to cut anything other then the good measure keychain.

I am beyond frustrated. Can someone please help. I just received the pro yesterday. I havent been able to cut through anything. I have tried mnay different settings.
Attaching another photo showing 2nd project not cutting through as well.

That is your printer head window, not your lens. Support will get back to you I am sure.

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Sorry for the bad luck with your new machine! You’ve opened a support ticket by posting here – Support will be along soon to get you squared away. Hang in there!

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Not sure I would try to use it until the window is replaced. The crack may scatter the laser beam and melt the plastic sleeve inside the head. It’s a $35 replacement part in the shop (currently sold out) but I’m guessing Support will prioritize sending you a replacement ASAP under warranty.


Thanks. It doesnt even fire up now. Ive tried a couple things. I will not use anymore. Not being able to get a hold of anyone is so frustrating. I didnt realize there wasn’t a customer support phone number. When this is part of your business or livlihood you want to be able to talk to some one. These are too expensive for them not to be able to provide better customer service. I am continuing to loose business daily int hr busiest time of year. This is why i bought a glowforge and not the other machine i wanted. So i can start making for the holiday season.

I’m so sorry to hear about the condition your new replacement Glowforge arrived in, and for the trouble you’ve experienced while printing. I see that you’ve emailed us directly, and we’ve sent over the next best steps to get you back up and printing. I’ll now close this thread.

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