Machine not cutting through material fully

I recently purchased my GF as a used machine. Since I bought it I have never been able to fully cut through ANY MATERIAL regardless if its proofgrade or not not even cardboard with out running AT LEAST 2 passes :frowning: I went through some of the help topics cleaned out the fans did a huge clean up on the machine itself I bought a new laserpiece because the one it came with had some sort of blemish and I am still unable to cut through with out 2 passes. I have noticed it seems to cut better on one side of the machine then the other but regardless it still requires 2 passes no matter the material or the settings i attempt :-(I am also unable to use my passthrough due to it won’t align which I have attempted to recalibrate and went through multiple pieces of PG draftboard :frowning: I just want to be able to use my machine at its full potential with out wasting hundreds of dollars on materials any advice or support would be greatly appreciated!!! TIA

It sounds like you bought a damaged or defective machine. You should open a support ticket with about getting it repaired or replaced.


Maybe list a particular material, it’s thickness and the settings you use that don’t work. Someone might be able to help with that info.

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Thats kind of what I am thinking as well Thank you I wasnt sure how to contact support directly aside from posting in the forum!!

It is any material I use MDF plywood acrylic proofgrade and non proof grade so its hard to really specify If i use proofgrade medium black acrylic and run it with the proofgrade cut setting it usually will be at least 2 if not 3 passes before it will cut fully through.

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