Machine not working

Hello, Today I just my first whiteboard from Lowes, everything seemed to go fine but there was more dust than I’ve ever seen. but I’ve only ever used 1/8" MDF and 1/8" Birch. Now today when I tried to cut some MDF it says air exhaust problems. I followed all the steps to clean. also cleaned my cameras but now Nothing is working. I don’t know what else to do anyone have some tips or things I can try. I’ve only had this machine for 2 weeks now. so very new to this all. Thank You

A picture/screenshot of the actual error might be useful. I’ve never heard of an “air exhaust problem” error.


It now says print head can’t be found.

Your air assist fan (that thing you got the error about, it’s not your exhaust fan) and camera (which takes pictures of the print head to center and home) are probably dusty right now. Turn off the Glowforge and clean them.

Also, your camera reads the Glowforge logo on the top of the print head in order to center the machine. You should clean off the top of that too so that it can be read.

I found the problem. The belt was on backwards. I turned the belt around and it’s working perfectly. Yes the camera was clean and not the problem


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