Machine only cuts on one side

Just set up the machine today and it wont cut on the right side. This is a basic. My 5th machine and first time I’ve ever had this to happen. No matter what I use it will cut on the left side top and bottom but once it gets halfway across and past that to the right, it isn’t going through 1/8" material, even PG.

Adding a photo of a PG cut. This piece was placed in the right corner closest to me. You can see what it didnt cut out.

A mirror in the laser arm came out of alignment during shipping, so now the laser beam isn’t pointed straight at the window on the side of the print head, but angled up or down. As the print head gets further from that mirror – moving to the right – less and less of the beam makes it into the window and thus to your material. Run it long enough and you should see discoloration where the laser beam is melting the top or bottom of the window on the side of the print head. Just based on posts in this forum, I’d guess it’s the most common type of shipping damage a Glowforge experiences these days (but is still pretty rare, maybe one or two reports a month). It’s not fixable at home, so you’ll be getting another replacement, that hopefully UPS/FedEx treat better on its way to you. Take photos of your attempt to cut the Gift of Good Measure at various places on a board to show the problem and email 'em to to get the ball rolling.


Oh please not again. Ive already sent 3 back. I have another machine so not as impatient as i probably wouldve been in last few cases but it does just have a 3 mth warranty.

Well it seems they just want to replace the print head window. It looks melted. If i had to guess, it will just melt it again in a few minutes. It was smooth when it was put in the machine.

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