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i have a problem with my glowforge today. I used Medium Maple plywood proofgrade and I just had to adjust the settings to burn a bit deeper. She stopped at full engraving and she does not move any more. The button has turned yellow. I can not do anything anymore. I have turn off

the machine and when it turns on again nothing happens. The button turns yellow again and nothing moves. .Please what to do ?? I
Can the laser tube be damaged?

Looks like a new machine. The maximum operating room temp for a Basic is somewhere in the mid seventies Fahrenheit. You should get a warning in addition to the yellow light. Might not be the issue but most likely. There are lots of issues that will cause a yellow light.


Welcome to the forums! Support will be here soon to find out what the problem is, but in the meantime we can try to narrow down what might be happening.

Is there an error message on your computer screen when the yellow light appears? What is the temperature in the room where your Glowforge is located?


I do not see anything on the screen. I just have the machine stopped but I have no message. May I have to find them somewhere?

The machine is a pro machine I have since October 2018. I am French so I think that the transport can be weakened. I did not help myself, I was just starting to have time.

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What is the temperature of the room?

The temp warning should show in the UI.

A common cause of this behavior, besides the temperature, is a bad connection between the head and the ribbon cable. I would remove the head, then unclip the cable, and plug it back in.


the temperature is 62,6 degre fahrenheit

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62,6 fahrenheit in the room

That’s probably not the issue, then. Try checking the ribbon cable as @jbmanning5 suggested. :slight_smile:

ok I will try ! I do not remember how to do that anymore could you explain to me?

There are photos and instructions here:


thanks i will try !!

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Thanks a lot !!!
it was badly connected!

it seems to work


Thanks for the help, @jbmanning5 and @geek2nurse. I’m glad to hear that helped. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!