Machine will not prepare file for print

Just printed the file, was stuck on time. Would not cancel out on the app page.

Closed the entire browser, turned machine off and on.

Tried again and the app would not load the design at all (same design I just finished) app appeared stalled.

I have since turned off the machine and closed down the app.

Cleared the cache in the browser? Opened separate tab keeping stalled tab open? Tried different browser? Different device ? Opened Gift of Good Measure successfully?


Is your file very large or complex?

It worked this morning so I’m not sure the issue last night

It’s not… it’s a 25 minute engrave.

However, everything worked like a champ this morning

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@jln4579 I’m sorry to hear that you had an issue with the App, but I’m certainly glad that everything worked out!
If you have any further issues like this, please let us know.

Since this issue has been resolved, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.