Machine won't turn on

Less than a year ago, I had to pay to get my Glowforge replaced because the power supply died. After receiving 2 refurbished Pro’s that were damaged, I was sent a “brand new” one. Unfortunately, over the weekend it started acting up. While printing, it turned off mid print and showed an error on the Portal about the pin being out. I verified and the pin was seated as it should be. Turned it back on and it did the same, so I left it alone for a few days and tried it out of curiosity and it turned on. I was able to engrave a few items I needed for an order. After about one or two days of none use, I went to turn it on and nothing happened. You can hear the power supply click very lightly, but machine won’t turn on. Tried again after a while and it turned on, but trying to get one last piece done it shut off again mid print and now it won’t turn on. I’ll take a wild guess and say I will try in a few hours and it will magically turn on again.

A machine that is less than a year old and maybe has a few dozen hours of run time is failing. Warranty is 90 days, but should be 90 days of actual run time, cause I don’t use the Glowforge everyday or for an extended amount of time to be having these many issues. Has anyone experienced this?

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I have had problems with my Glowforge but nothing like you have posted.

The best advice I can offer — make a video and send it to support.

The safety interlock on the pro has nothing to do with power, it only halts the machine. It will still turn on with the pin removed. It sounds like your power supply has failed again.

Edit - the warranty is no different to anything else you buy. Your car will have a warranty that expires whether you drive it or not. As does every electronic device and appliance whether you use them or not.


Since the machine is cloud based they can see exactly how much it has been used. Seeing as how you were an original backer, and there has been such light use, I would appeal to their better angels and see of they wouldn’t stand behind their product. Worth a shot.

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Technically it would be possible but there is no “counter” to see how much a machine has been used - you have to go thru the logs (there are multiple, they appear to roll over at 999kB) and look at job start and end times. You could grep the relevant messages from all of the logs but then you’d need to have some way to calculate the duration of every print.

I could write a script to do it but it would take some effort.

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Yeah, I just figured if it had been used as little as stated that could be easily determined, but that’s just my argument from ignorance.


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