Made a Dymaxion Globe

I happened across a model for a globe posted to Thingiverse (thing:2762172) by user JAMEKIN and just had to try it… It’s a bit tricky to get it all together, and you need to know your geography a little because there really isn’t any labeling (plus the drawing is two “nodes” short - but that’s easy enough to fix once you know) but the end product is pretty impressive!
You need 12 of these “nodes”:

And these 20 sides:

But with a little patience and some wood glue, you end up with this:


This is on my to do list!! Looks great!


I keep saying I’m going to build one of those, and haven’t yet!

Have you seen this? Pentagonal Hexecontahedron



Wow, i just watched that video too. What a tribute to Dan and his staff!


This is how it all starts. I did a Dymaxion Globe, and that led to a rabbit hole of polyhedral madness that has lasted a couple years now. So, beware…

Yours turned out great!


I should have seen this coming…I started to make a fire pit with the CNC Plasma…the square one became a pentagonal one which grew to a hexagonal one which led to a soccer ball (I’m not polyhedral blessed in terms of names but everyone knows what a soccer ball looks like :slight_smile: )…

I’ve been thinking of some of your wilder and more esoteric designs and thinking how they might make a cool fire pit. And since they’re welded at the intersections it’s easier then making the 3D printed joining pieces. But I’m afraid to keep going down this path :scream:

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I love those custom fire pits. You could 3D print the connectors and use those as a mold to cast some metal. Let me know when you want to get started!

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My wife loves the first one (sometimes 2) of any of these things - whether laser or plasma cut - but she gets pretty tired of 20 tile coasters or 10 fire pits & rocket stoves :smiley:

She’s not buying the “but I’m practicing my welding skills” since I’m in software not welding so it’s not exactly a skill I really need. And we have a bit of a disagreement over finish on my metal projects - I like paint, dyes or powder coat…she’s okay with it rusting and looking more “rustic” (drives me nuts).

We’d need to figure out the geometries for bigger ones - the fire pits are usually made of 2 or 3 foot pieces. That way there’s plenty of room for a good sized fire.

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To be honest, welding up corner pieces similar to the originals might be easier than going through multiple castings…

“…some men just want to watch the world burn…”


Have you considered modeling all your designs in something like OpenSCAD? That way you are doing software. It’s not your fault that in order to verify your software, and each bug fix or new feature, you have to make another one.


I think you should be handy in all kinds of skills. You never know when you will need to weld something in the house. :grinning: I’ve used my sewing/quilting/spinning/weaving/jewelry/graphic design/computer repair/ ability to finish things you’d never imagine required the knowledge. You can send all your mistakes to me.


I was that way in a different range of skills, but have wandered off the range of late and my hand skills have not survived the aging process either :confounded:

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