Pentagonal Hexecontahedron

Glowforge has brought us together in an amazing community that encourages us all to make something magical. We all have different backgrounds and skillsets - creators, makers, artists, hobbyists, professionals, and more. Each of us has a special connection with this community that goes well beyond the machine that can cut and engrave. We encourage each other to learn, appreciate everyone’s creative drive, and cooperate to help those with questions. The Glowforge community feels like family to many of us. We forum regulars are grateful for the opportunity to participate in your roadmap and help guide Glowforge’s continued success. It is with deep gratitude that we present the first Glowforge community forum collaborative project in appreciation of everything that you do for us.

We Present The Pentagonal Hexecontahedron

This Pentagonal Hexecontahedron has 60 tiles designed and created by 36 forum regulars. Some participants submitted one, while others made a few. The concept was to let each contributor design something that represents their style. A face tile could be a simple thank you, while others represent an homage to projects they have made with their Glowforge. The companion book showcases each tile and who made it, along with build pictures and a peek at the back of some of the tiles. We hope that you enjoy this unique piece as much as we enjoyed conspiring to make it for you. We cannot thank you enough for bringing us all together, and fueling the inspiration and magic in all of us. We look forward to discovering what is in store for Glowforge and our future together. Thank you.

This polyhedral was delivered to Dan as a gift to Glowforge on April 21st, 2020.

Additional images can be found here

Project Contributors:
timjedwards ∞ Xabbess ∞ cynd11 ∞ pubultrastar ∞ shop ∞ jeanneleigh ∞ GaryZ ∞ geek2nurse
arh2 ∞ eflyguy ∞ ElsieH ∞ dwardio ∞ primal_healer ∞ Pearl ∞ evansd2 ∞ tjleasa ∞ evermorian
todd.hassell ∞ aanden ∞ hansepe ∞ markevans36301 ∞ deirdrebeth ∞ chris1 ∞ crkjelstrom
MakerMatthew ∞ UrJac ∞ marthajackson1970 ∞ jefish ∞ polarbrainfreeze ∞ Jules ∞ dklgood
jamesdhatch ∞ mrinken ∞ ChristyM ∞ marmak3261 ∞ ptodd

The Build Process

Using 3D printed connectors for the internals, each tile face has 2 layers. The bottom layer is many times a blank draftboard version of the pentagonal face used to secure itself to the connector with small #6-32 screws. Most of the top layers are glued in place on top of the bottom layer to hide the screws. Even though they will never be seen again, many contributors put a message on the back of the their tile. A gallery of these images can be found here.

Inside Tour

A Visual Guide to the Glowforge Community Forum Pentagonal Hexecontahedron

We also put together and included a companion book to go with the piece called A Visual Guide to the Glowforge Community Forum Pentagonal Hexecontahedron. You can view the entire contents of this book on the blurb site, and the book can be purchased in multiple formats. Please note that there is no mark up on these books, but are rather pricey due to the number of pages and customization from Blurb. If you are patient, Blurb posts discount codes to purchase a book. We’ve seen one recently for 25% off, but was only posted for a couple of days.

7" x 7" Book can be purchased here:

12" x 12" Book can be purchased here:


My personal blog post about this project can be found here. Much of the same information, with some additions to the origins, etc.


That’s showmanship, right there.





Very cool!


I’m so glad to have been part of this! Thank you Glowforge and thank you to the team that helped put it all together :heart: my humble little tile is somewhere on there and it makes me very happy :grin:


Don’t drop it!


OMG!!! Incredible!!!


The huge project is now fini…we just await the reaction of Dan and the team. Exciting! :clap:


Truly a masterpiece


I´m sorry I didn´t participate, as I only became Regular fairly recently after the invitation, but I join in the spirit of the Glowforge community that gifted this amazing collaborative project.


Absolutely stunning. And rather humbling as a new owner trying to navigate the graphics design software learning curve for the first time.


Well, this happened today.

Somehow this thread managed to escape almost everyone’s view this whole time, and so the ENTIRE COMPANY was dialed in and flabbergasted together.

Words fail. I’m reeling.

You are amazing.


Most awesome :), this made my week.


This really was the most amazing thing. The entire company jumped on a video call to watch, and we were on the edge of our seats… mostly wondering whether Dan was going to cut himself with the box cutter. Just kidding. On the edge of our seats wonder WHAT ON EARTH was in the box. And then holy cow it is a 937-sided die of awesomeness… I’ve never seen anything like it. I immediately sent pictures to my whole family. I’m kvelling here.


Thanks for the video! So great to see the Glowforge team.

This was fun to work on :smiley:


watching you guys open it made it all worthwhile. we’ve been on the edge of our seats ever since it was delivered, constantly hitting F5. :slight_smile:

many many many thanks to @pubultrastar for conceiving, organizing, building, and shipping. while many of us contributed, he was the one who made everything happen.


Awesome! Loved that everyone got to see the unboxing. He didn’t show the stand that was in the box, and the USB charger. YAY!!!


I figured that out offline later. :slight_smile:


Totally made my day! Thanks for letting us see the reactions, and thanks GF team for making it all possible! :smile:

(And thanks Mike for doing such a wonderful job on it.)